The environmental impact of the construction of the coal power plant near Sundarbans Rampal iaie Analysis

2013-05-11-09-59-05-518e16699ab52-untitled-3The final execution of the project, land acquisition and construction of the power plant, and all the work done after the signing of the environmental impact of coal power plant construction or imapekta Environmental Assessment (iaie) and ask for the public’s opinion is tamasai! But this was a terrible joke with the people who set up a power plant in Bangladesh which is not only one of the world’s natural resources are very near the Sundarbans, is located in the dangerous range. Rampaul coal power stations for the land acquisition order is 010 of 7 December, the Indian company enatipisira with the PDP joint venture or a joint investment agreement is 9 January 01 at the the 013 in January “Final Report on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of 2 × (500-660) MW Coal Based Power Plant to be constructed at the location of Khulna “in the center of the coal iaieti oyebasaite fitting PDP has been to seek the opinion of 15 February 013. The final execution of the project without clearance from the complete removal of the investment environment and the acceptance of the license for the purpose of this question is iaiera.
Serious environmental pollution caused by coal-based power plant typically stored in the forest, and settlers from 0 to 15 km of the coal power plant construction is approved. According to the report, the proposed 13 MW iaie 0 Rampaul coal power project is just 14 km away from the beautiful forests of the Sundarbans, which is around 10 km enabhairanamentali Critical Area (ECN), 4 km away from the safe, as has been claimed. But the Indian enatipisi the Sundarbans in the Power Center to build on the bharaterai Wildlife Protection Act, 197 and, according to the center 15 km radius of any tiger / elephant conservation areas, biodiversity is important for forests, national parks, wildlife sanctuary, or any other protected forests Must not have. The Indian company enatipisike the Sundarbans as agents of the destruction of the environment is to build coal power plant, when to do so would not be in his own country! The 14 km distance from the Sundarbans is the debate over whether, in fact, a distance of 9 km from the Sundarbans. Iaie in real time in one place in the project area was part of the sundarabanerai, setalara or settlers cut down the forest homeland has:
“The area is about 14 km northeastwards from the Nalian Range of Sundarbans. Once it was a part of Sundarbans but had been evacuated by the settlers. “(Iaie, page 08)
Whatever the distance whole area of ​​the Sundarbans bastusansthanera intimate with, because it is a sensitive area of ​​13 0 MW coal power plant to generate large-scale, and the results will be very important in the decision. Environmental impact of the construction of power stations in the thick of the spots, the center of operations for the duration of the power plant’s coal transportation impact analysis has been divided into three.
The environmental impact of agriculture and the construction of power stations:
660 MW Coal Power Center will have two power units. For 48 months or four years to build the first unit and the second unit by the end of 6 months to 4 years time it will take the excess of the total. During the four and half years across the whole of the Environment, Agriculture, Fisheries and water resources of the country have written on the bottom:
1) ramapale 13 0 MW power station for 1834 acres Agriculture, Fisheries farming and residential areas, land acquisition has been, however, the same size for a project acquired land is 79 acres of the most bhagatai one-crop or barren Wasteland. (Rayagada iaie, Executive Summary , page 1). According to the report, the proposed project area in the center of the iaie Rampal (1834 acres) of agricultural land and 95 percent of 10 km radius around the area (study area), 75 percent of the agricultural land where the rate of production of other crops, including rice, shrimp, or the (page 135, 194, 197 , 198, and 04):
B) within a radius of the center of the 10-year 6, 353 tons and 85 tons of rice produced in the project area 1;
B) In addition to the main power center within a radius of 10 is produced 1,40,461 tonnes of other cereals;
C) at an average of 3/4 cows, and / mahisa 3, 4 goats, 1 sheep, hasa 5, 6/7 and poultry keeping;
D) The area of ​​mangrove forest, rivers and canals, freshwater and brackish water fish rich database connection to the area. Mesh across the canal and river network of biological diversity and balance. Within a radius of 10 km from the center of the 5 18.66 metric tons per year, and the project area (1834 acres), 569.41 metric tons of fish were produced.
Iaie The project for the construction of power stations in the area (1834 acres) of rice, fish, domestic animals, etc. The product will destroy the optimism that has been expressed, if you follow the proper environment byabasthapana 10 km outside the area will not have any adverse effects (). Although various types of construction works, dredging, has a wide variety of chemical and oil: sarana of animals and maidara the river, connecting the canal, the tide – the tide plabana land area of ​​habitat Fisheries, Fisheries movement and variations may suffer shocks that have been published. ( on page 66, and 67)
Ii) the creation of goods and equipment for the center of the river will be transmitted through the Sundarbans. This additional movement of vessels, not oil: sarana, sabdadusana, light, waste not sarana not control the environment in accordance with the laws of the Sundarbans eco-system of the Royal Bengal Tiger, Deer, Dolphin, on the harmful effects of mangrove forest in the iaie have been fear. (on page 68)
3) for the project byabahrata equipment, vehicles, generators, etc. Burge oil burning will emit harmful carbon dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. This will be the amount of carbon and naitrojera ksitakara influence or 4/5 of what sort of construction will be a review of the report is not iaie.
4) use of construction equipment and vehicles will result in noise. The construction phase noise levels and the effect on the environment around the Sundarbans and project it has not been verified in iaie.
5) Create the right environment in which various types of solid waste will be generated through the management control of the harmful effects on the environment of fear has been that;
6) a construction crane near the river – water canals, construction machinery and transport oil out of sarita water may cause pollution.
7) dredging of the river will ghola. Dredging is not the right way to control the oil grija and give out the river water will be polluted.
8) mangrove forest that lines the banks of the river there is an animal that can cut a variety of reasons, including the construction of the building jeti reach any option. Jharera thicket of brushwood to chop off the coast of the birds, especially birds of sarasa and heron colony will be lost.
(Source: Rampaul iaie, Impacts: pre-construction and construction stages, on page 63 – 68 in)
During operation of the power plant:
Coal power plant at Rampal in iaie in 5 years has been the stage manager. This is Sundarban 5 years for coal power station on the environment will affect the following:
1) harmful sulfur and nitrogen gas:
According to the report iaie 13 0 MW of electricity per day from about 14 tons of toxic sulfur dioxide (SO2) and 85 tons of toxic nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is emitted. This is the normal way, a huge amount of SO2 and NO2 concentration of toxic gas in the air Sundarban than the current density increases with kayekaguna will destroy the entire Sundarbans. The report of the Environment Protection Act 1997, within the limits specified in the report to show iaie was a fraud protection – Environmental ‘sensitive’ areas, rather than in the Sundarban standards for residential and rural-area standards have been selected!
Iaie According to the report:
The concentration of SO2 in the ambient air near Sundarbans region is found 8 to 10 μg/m3
(Field monitoring data, see Table 6.5). Hence, it is found that the resultant concentration (24
hr average after emission contribution and only during November to February) from the
power plant) of SO2 in the ambient air may be maximum 53.4 μg/m3 (see Table 8.3c) which
is much below the MOEF’s standard (ECR 1997), 80 μg/m3 for residential and rural area.
Therefore, the concentration of emitted SO2 is very insignificant to have any impact on Air
quality of Sundarbans. “(iaie, page 78)
The SO2 emissions from coal power stations due to the months from November to February, the concentration of SO2 in the air at the time of the Sundarban ghanamitare 8 maikrograma environmental law, which increased from 53.4 maikrograma 1997 (ECR 1997), according to the Rural Residential (residential and rural) areas ghanamitare assigned to each level of less than 80 maikrograma.
Similarly, the Sundarbans, the NO2 concentration of 16 to 51 maikrograma trebled. Their maikrograma but within safe levels have been claimed.
But the question remains whether residential or rural area in the Sundarbans, an area sensitive to the environment in the past? Like the Sundarbans, an area sensitive to environmental standards as well as standards for residential and rural areas to inspect nirdharata is Environment Protection Act -1997 ghatatei cause is understood. Environmentally sensitive areas, SO2 and NO2 in the air, according to the law of the density of the ghanamitare 30 maikrograma (30 μg/m3) can not be more than. Since the standards for environmental sensitive areas (30 μg/m3) compared with coal power project Rampal can not be avoided in any way that is designed to cover the full report Sundarban air concentrations of toxic gases as well as standards for residential and rural areas, the standards have been used!
Ii) the effect of carbon dioxide:
The Power of super critical technology in coal use is being beaten dhola cover the most common use of this technology, according to the report iaie than coal power stations with only 10 percent of the carbon dioxide will be emitted. And 80% load factor for the release of more carbon dioxide in the Sundarbans 79 million tons of possible adverse effects on the environment, which is also found in a report iaie! I have been assured that the overall amount of carbon release as a result of the increase is too much! (On page 84)
3) cattle from river water:
According to reports of the use of coal for electricity iaie animals from the river water per hour and will be ghanamitara 9150. The use of coal for power at the center, including the remaining sitalikarana water purification ghanamitara at 5150 hours and will be returned to the river again. As a result of the withdrawal of water from the river will be effective in 4000 ghanamitara per hour. Iaie the animal in the 4000 meters of water per hour withdrawal from the salinity of the water, river sediment flow, flood, high tide low tide, fish, plants and animals, including the creation of an analysis of the impact that this has on the animals in the 4000 ghanamitara water, dried Less than 1 percent of the total water flow of the season. Is subject to anxiety, withdrawal of water is less than 1 percent has been used to show the flow of information is the most recent period, 8 years ago, but 005 Received by the Board in the development of Bangladesh. (On page 85), but this iaie riportei was accepted, the upstream industry, agriculture, housekeeping, including the various development activities and environmental disasters due to the river from the day of the withdrawal of the increase in the dry days, water flows are less in the animals of the river is also a concern. (page 50). It will take time to build the center at 4 years and have at least 5 years of operation. Throughout this long period of time, then the flow of water iaie report on an animal similar to the way it was 005. 4 hours from the time of the animal when the animal withdraws water flow meters on the review of the implications of what just may not be any change in the properties of haidrolajikyala (may not be changed) is a national conversation that there is no scope for .
4) Water Pollution: He said filter, whether the emissions from coal power stations if it led to different levels of pollutants that coal power stations in the world during the ‘zero emissions’ or ‘zero discharge’ policy is adopted. The enatipisa Rampal coal power stations to generate, and the enatipisi when the coal power stations to create a ‘zero discharge’ policy following the example of India’s Chhattisgarh Rayagada near 13 0 MW coal power stations iaie report said: “Zero Discharge concepts will be followed “. (From 0 to 13 MW power plant at Rayagada iaie, Executive Summary, page by e -1).
The coal power plant at Rampal iaie report is:
“After treatment, effluent shall be discharged to the Passur River at a rate of 100 m3/hr. Effluent quality shall be monitored at different stage of discharge and intake. ”
The “After filtering the liquid waste or animal iphluyenta hour river flowed at a rate of 100 ghanamitara will be. The emission and consumption levels iphluyentera gunagunera is to be monitored. ”
It has been elsewhere:
“To meet the water demand for plant operation, domestic water, environmental management 9,150 m3/hr (equivalent to 2.54 m3 / s) surface water will be withdrawn from the Passur river and after treatment water shall be discharged back to the Passur river at the rate of 5,150 m3/hr. ”
The “Plant management, domestic use, Environmental Management, and the animal will collect water from the river ghanamitara 9150 hours and 5150 hours to filter the river water, cattle ghanamitara emission rate will be.”
100 hours or 5150 ghanamitara ghanamitara However, the emissions from coal power stations emit the water temperature, water release rate, water drabibhuti various components with different levels of water pollution, destruction of the environment will cause the whole Sundarbans area.
5) an increase in air temperature: 75 meters in height, according to the report iaie cimani emitted from the waste gases will be 1 of 5 degrees Celsius temperature. Save the chimney to create a policy environment that will increase the uccatapa local area tapamatra not expect phapa iaie report has been published:
It is unlikely that the heated stack gas will increase local air temperature. (On page 70)
6) the toxic ash: coal power plant in the center of 4 of 7 million tons of coal burned in the 0 to 7 million tons to 50 thousand tons of Fly Ash and Bottom Ash will be produced. (Page) of the Fly Ash, Bottom Ash, ghanibhuti liquid or slurry of ash and environmental pollution because of the different levels of heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, lead, nickel, bhyanadiyama, beriliyama, byariyama, cadmium, chromium, selenium, radium is important . (On page 87 – 88), the environmental pollution is produced that fly ash emitted through the chimney before Ash iesapi through the system, although it will still keep some flying ash, the air has to be admitted that misabe iaie report:
“Despite efficient ash management system, some fugitive ash might be produced and dispersed to the surrounding area” (on page 71)
“Very little portion of this ash might escape from the system as waste.” (On page 85)
But the more serious matter, and one side is the toxic ash environments emitted when the pollution is (on page 87) on the other hand, this ash in the project’s total 1834 acres of land within the 1414 acres of land fill is planned! (On page 63) of this waste ash’s toxic heavy metals in the mix with rain water, soil and the soil below the water level in the area cuiye project will pollute the area is not limited to the impact of the project.
Simante ash waste produced in factories, brick making, and the possibility of using a variety of industries iaie report, but in fact there’s no factory will byabahara such a plan has not been confirmed. The pukuriyara only 50 MW power station ash utpadi it is appropriate to use the. Daily waste ash produced from power stations barapukuriya 300 metrikatana a cement factory, rather than use of ash ponds and pande Ash heap of disasters brought about by being in the environment. Since the 006 and 010 until the year 60 of the 613 tons of the ash pond and the pond has been filled almost entirely. 100 acres for the ash pond at Rampal being planned. Ash pond or pond ash heap of ash and fly in the air, bottom ash mixed with soil and water cuiye asapasera jalabhumite toxic heavy metals cause serious pollution.
7) Sound Pollution: Coal power station turbines, generators, compressors, pumps, cooling towers, coal, move down, transportation of equipment and vehicles from the byabahrata noise is awful. The Sundarbans area Rampal power plant Coal power stations operate in the restricted environment of the Department of magnitude (50 dB during the day, night and 40 dB) higher than would be created by the green belts but recognize iaiete generated out of the project due to the high word is:
The operation of the plant will produce noise and at plant site, it may be felt exceeding the DoE’s limit (50 dB during daytime and 40 dB during nighttime). However, outside the project boundary, there will be no or very limited noise might be felt. The green belt and natural buffer zone around the plant and boundary wall will dampen the generated noise. (On page 84)
How to create a green bestani or even how it can be prevented sabdadusana if he does not go down, there is still the question of the day bestani will not be made. The plants grow up to be full of bestani power stations in the area at the time of the sound and the green bestanira out of high coal transportation, Move down, dredging, ground and river traffic increased because of the noise pollution on the environment of the Sundarbans and adjoining What will happen! Iaie report bestanira mitigate or remove noise from outside is not to deny, however, is not talking about its environmental impact:
Traffic movement, loading and unloading of coal, operation of conveyor belt, and coal transportation through waterways may generate noise. (On page 84)
8) health risk: from coal power stations emit sulfur, nitrogen, carbon, etc., of various compounds or mercury, lead, cadmium, etc. byariyama heavy metals pollution in the area around the cooling towers in the form of pneumonia caused by bacteria sankramanera spread of the disease. Esamparke iaie report says:
Another major health risk involves cooling tower. With world experience, different studies suggest that bacterial contamination of cooling tower may cause outbreak of pneumonia in the surrounding community. Aerosol dispersed from the cooling tower favor growth of bacteria causing pneumonia. (On page 91)
Results for transporting coal through the beautiful forest
Rampaul for coal and imported coal bidyutkendrera will be transmitted through the Sundarbans in! The Sundarbans through the thousands of tons of coal transport ship traffic throughout the year that will destroy the environment as a whole Sundarbans.
The study of the environment iaie), according to the Center Rampaul for 47 million a year in the 0 tons of coal in Indonesia, and South Africa astreliya way to import from the sea. Amadanikrta Mongla ports by ship coal through the Sundarban Rampaul from the center of power should go. Sundarban is the largest ship in the depth of the river is suitable for cattle because of the large coal ship will bring up the Sundarbans Akram, Akram then point the coal shipped from multiple small laitareja manlabandare should go. Hirana points inside the forest for the 30 km river Akram points in the large vessels of up to 59 days and Akram Point about 67 km from the port of Mongla small laitareja ship thousands of tons of coal per year for 36 days to transport!
Samiksatei the environment has been acknowledged, the movement of ships to transport coal through the Sundarbans 1) coal transport ship coal from the powder, broken / pieces of coal, oil, dirt, garbage, ship with a huge amount of contaminated waste water give off the river – the canal – will pollute the soil, including the entire Sundarbans;
Ii) Akram points inside the Sundarban small ship coal from the ship at the time of move namanora coal powder, crushed coal, water / fall to the ground – the ground into the air into the water – cause air pollution;
3) calacalakari ship dheuye duipasera the arrow will land degradation;
4) Coal and coal transport ship loading – unloading of machinery noise from the night will be;
5) Light the night in search of the ship when the ship disapprovingly of the Sundarban forests, including protected animals – birds jibanacakrera serious adverse effects and so on.
This all results in the transport of coal from the Sundarban describes the studies have been published optimism lanes international law, the law of conservation of the environment in the running, slow-motion movement of the ship, and you do not sound unnecessarily restrict the use of unnecessary light of these terrible Sundarban is the impact on the environment will be minor damages or samanya!
(Source: Proposed Coal Power Station Environmental Rampal study, Impact of coal transportation, transshipment and handling, page 293-294)
Proposed Coal Power Station Rampal iaie brief review of the report is clear from this that, in iaie used the wrong standard, the harmful effects are reduced, in some cases, the magnitude of the loss is not a paryalocanai, ‘may’, ‘will be more likely, less chance of ‘The adjectival use damages the level of light in the vicinity of the Sundarbans in the 13 0 MW coal power plants avoided to the maximum effort, despite still real iaie in power stations to generate, manage and coal transportation in the Sundarbans on the possible adverse effects of all the information out Coal power project, which is proposed to consider the environmental consideration is unacceptable.
In fact, more than a little of the real enatipisirai 13 0 MW coal power station environmental permit has been central to the Green Panel. The 8 October 010 at the The Hindu newspaper published NTPC’s coal-based project in MP turned down or, Madhya Pradesh enatipisira coal-based project was canceled, the news is: populous areas of farmland on the thermal power allowed to be called the Central green panel in Madhya Pradesh tharamala National Power Corporation (enatipisi) 0 of 13 MW and an electricity generation project did not allow. But the opportunity to create the enatipisike 13 0 MW power plant is stored in a forest of Sundarban, agricultural land, the local people’s lives – the potential adverse effects on livelihoods that fly in the face.
Information sources:
# Final Report on Environmental Impact Assessment of 2x (500-660) MW Coal Based Thermal Power Plant to be Constructed at the Location of Khulna
# Environmental Impact Assessment for The Proposed 1320 MW Super Critical Coal based Thermal Power Plant at Kukurda In Raigarh Thesil and District in Chhattisgarh State 20-Executive% 20Summary.pdf
# NTPC’s coal-based project in MP turned down


Rampaul power project in Bangladesh THE BUSINESS

Project: This project is the BUSINESS

Rampal will be the center two countries on the basis of equal partnership. The project is aimed at implementation of the representatives of the two countries Bangladesh – India Friendship Power Company, a company has been formed. This project will be funded 15% PDP, 15% Indian and 70% of the loan will be. What is the net profit will be shared at the rate of 50%. PDB generating electricity purchases. Electricity price will be determined according to the formula.

What is the formula? If the price of coal per ton to $ 105 per unit, the price of electricity will cost 90 paise and 5 145 dollars each if you pay 85 paise per unit of electricity 8. Maoya with the Native oriyana group, Khulna and Chittagong labanacara anoyaraya three kayalabhittika power projects that deal with the PDB, the government and Anwara and labanacara maoya 4 rupees per unit from 80 paise at 3 in the purchase. The government already has 145 million of imported coal for the Rampal. 8 money from the PDB at 85 paise per unit of electricity that it purchases.

It is a human disaster. As a result of the acquisition of 8 acres of land in 1830 dhani family will be evicted. Rampaul employment may be at the center of the top 600 people, refugees, and the action will result in almost 7 500 families. But, we have a couple of crores every year haraba agricultural production.

It’s no harm to the environment. Kayalabhittika any other power projects that are likely to harm any of the more than kayekaguna. Bhasmibhuta especially coal ash and gases generated as a result
This is due to the effects of simultaneous air and water pollution. The area around the project areas are more vulnerable because esidabrsti, which prevents the growth of trees and forests dangerous levels.

In a survey conducted in the United States, the country’s total carbon dioxide in the 010 – oxide 81 percent of udagirana kayalabhittika projects, of which only 41 percent of the total energy was found. In all countries of the world to be careful of is the kayalabhittika projects.

Recently, to avoid this kind of project, I was more cestatai. Each of the 500 MW power project to generate approximately kayalabhittika. Billion gallons of water are needed. Rampal project will meet the animal is undoubtedly the Nile River. Salt water and fresh water animal river and mangrove forests to maintain a balance between the needs of a particular role. This naditira connection with the whole region, including the overall biodiversity. This field is a very important settlements in the Nile River. But we’re going to build this project using the river astitbakei phelachi endangered.

The project area is declared protected and sensitive areas of the Sundarbans is just 4 km away from. Other countries causes serious pollution to the environment is protected woodland and settlement 15 – 0 kilometers kayalabhittika power stations are not allowed to build. Even the Indian company of his own on the central provinces of the country have not been to a similar project. According to the report, the proposed project iaie just 14 kilometers away from the Sundarbans! It is 14 km distance from the Sundarbans is the debate. Iaie in real time in one place is a place sundarabanerai was part of the project.

The center will have 660 MW of coal power production unit. Construction of the first unit to take four years. The creation of the first unit in the whole area of ​​the four-year environment, agriculture, fisheries and water resources of the harmful effect on.

Sundarban goods and equipment to build power stations will be transmitted through the river. Additional vessels to navigate, oil discharge, sabdadusana, lighting, waste emissions, especially in the Sundarbans eco-system of the Royal Bengal Tiger, Deer, Dolphin, on the harmful effects of mangrove forests have been concerns in the iaie. The water will drejinyera ghola. If you do not properly control the dredging of oil – contaminated water to be disposed of grija. The river riparian mangrove forest animals that have rows that will cut jeti nirmanasaha a variety of reasons. Due to chop off the riverbank brushwood brushwood various birds, especially birds settled sarasa and bakajatiya will be lost. According to the report iaie power stations in operation at 13 MW power plant daily from 0 to about 14 tons of toxic sulfur dioxide – nitrogen oxides and 85 tons of toxic die – will emit oxides. Pratighantaya 9 of 150 animals from the Nile water ghanamitara will be revoked. He was talking to filter, water emissions from coal power stations if it led to different levels of pollutants that coal power stations in the world during the ‘zero emissions’ or ‘zero discharge’ policy is adopted. Enatipisii the coal power plant construction in India, and the ‘zero discharge’ policy has been followed. The report has been iaie – Rampaul purification of coal gas, the liquid waste or animal iphluyenta hour river flowed at a rate of 100 ghanamitara will be, which will destroy the whole environment of the Sundarbans. According to the report iaie waste gases emitted from the chimney of 75 m height will be 1 in 5 degree Celsius temperature. The temperature will be around. 7 lakh 50 thousand tons of coal in the center of Fly Ash and Bottom Ash million tons will be produced. The various heavy metals, such as – arsenic, mercury, lead, nickel, bhyanadiyama, beriliyama, byariyama, cadmium, chromium, selenium, radium is important. But the terrible thing is, on the one hand is the issue of the pollution of the environment is toxic ash, the ash with a total of 1834 acres, 1414 acres of land has been designed to be filled! This is certainly barjyachaiyera toxic heavy metals in the soil mix with rain water and ground water are contaminated layers. The effects of the project area is not limited. Produced barjyachai cement factories, brick making, and a variety of industrial possibility iaie report, but the fact of the pukuriyara only 50 MW of electricity from the generating daily 300 metric tons barjyachai a cement factory using the ash ponds or Ash pande pile and the environmental disaster brought the. Power station turbines, generators, compressors, pumps, cooling towers, coal, move down, etc., used to transport equipment and vehicles from the horror sabdadusana. From coal power stations emit sulfur, nitrogen, carbon, etc., of various compounds or mercury, lead, cadmium, byariyama infections caused by bacteria, and heavy metals pollution in the area around the cooling towers in the form of pneumonia spread of the disease.

In the center of power for the 47 million tons of coal in the 0 to Indonesia, Australia and South Africa will have to import from the sea. Imported coal Sundarban through Mongla port by ship and then from there it will go to the center of power Rampal. Sundarban is the largest ship in the depth of the river is suitable for cattle because of the large coal ship will bring up the Sundarban Akram, Akram then the ship coal from multiple small laitareja manlabandare should go. Around 13 thousand tons per day for 13 0 MW coal costs. At the end of the second phase of the 6-ton coal costs. It’s a beautiful forest hirana points up to 30 points from the river Akram Akram large ships in 59 days and approximately 67 km from Mongla port to point the way to a small laitareja ship thousands of tons of coal per year for 36 days to transport!

Samiksatei the environment has been acknowledged, the Sundarbans to navigate the ship through the transport of coal from the coal transport ship coal powder, or a piece of broken coal, oil, dirt – garbage, cook a huge amount of contaminated waste is disposed of panisaha – Canal – matisaha Whole Sundarbans will pollute. Calacalakari ship dheuye erosion of the arrow is running. Coal and coal transport ship loading – unloading equipment from a wide range of night will sabdadusana. Light the lights at night in search of the ship when the ship movement pranisaha Sundarbans Reserved Forest serious harmful effects on animals jibanacakrera.

The proposed coal-based power project in Madhya Pradesh Indian companies enatipisira Indian Environment Ministry has rejected. They said, “power projects proposed for the area is arable land, which is not at all acceptable for the project. The Narmada river water from the project for 3 kiuseka dragging is not realistic for the project. Salpata agricultural land, near settlements, water salpata, considering the environmental impact of this project is to be canceled. ”

Construction of power stations in the country that considers itself enatipisi could not do the same, considering all of their projects can not be canceled?

Indian investment in the project is 15% owned 50%. Electricity price has more than doubled. 7500 families are being evicted. Losing agricultural land resources. Environmental disasters in Bangladesh. 50% percent of the ownership of the Indian company? Madhya Pradesh in India permitted establishment of Bangladesh Sundarbans on the enatipisikei 13 0 MW power plant to generate potentially damaging effects on the environment are opportunities to fly in the face without. The Indian company will not pay karao Rampal power plant profits. It is to favor the national interest? And this is what we will be swallowing?images (21)

Climate Change and World Politics

cropped-beautifulworkofphotographybysamlim12-600x399.jpgClimate Change and World Politics

All of that has triggered the current world climate change is one of the. The negative effects of climate change impact in the world. Rich or poor, prisoners caught up in all rastrai climate change. Trying to rescue it from the mesh to create a new way. In this way, all the same casadhahbharatsa – go pratyaka distinction exists in the match. The new dimension has been added as a result of politics. The world of politics has centered on climate change. Climate change is in line with the global climate change negotiations before we want to talk about.
Climate refers to the area of ​​the 5-30 year average for the weather elements. Climate change and the change in the average conditions. One of the elements of weather, temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind, etc.. The controller is dependent on how many of these ingredients. I should say that the weather elements above the average for the day. Climate is weather products. So we can say that climate change is a material change in the climate.
Climate change weather patterns, rainfall and the water cycle, as well as the impact of groundwater – surface water abundance, soil moisture, groundwater – underground water, creating an adverse effect on the condition.
Ocaii – a study of the North Pole in 1901 to 00 in about 7% of the spring melting of snow has fallen 15%. The study is one of the North Pole in 1979 and 005 in the -60 0 -1 103 kasa2 nabadhat snow fell. Ocaii its third assessment report has been warmer than the sea water. Sea water temperature from 000 in 1961 to 700 meters above sea level the temperature increased depth of 0,100 d. Due to climate change the earth – spatial ecology, ecosystem mahasagarika, wind components, aerosol material has been changed.
Since 1961, the 003 until the sea level has increased an average of 1.8 mm. Since 1993, the growth rate is between 003 was 3.1 mm. / Year.
From 1900 until the 005 North and South America purbansa, North Europe and North and Central Asia has increased the amount of precipitation. Change in temperature has been observed in the past 50 years. Cold days, cold nights, hot days and warm nights than the amount of the increase.
Ocaii and other greenhouse gases and temperature changes in some of the research on the effects of global warming and the state of knowledge in monitoring and trying to achieve. The climate varies according to the future of the line, the future of the water crisis bhugabe .8 billion people directly.
To come with climate change in the scope of world politics. Climate change and the environment in which it currently has a negative relationship to the world of politics jogacche fuel. Countries have suffered as a result of climate change, sea level rise could pressure countries are responsible. Many countries are responsible talabahana or read the Mughals in the house will eat together, etc. trying to create a gap phokara. In some cases, the compensation of the price cut, but I like it and I donor countries, the project suffered a hard-working methods in order to maintain their reputation manasikataya. Moreover, the internal and global politics as a presentation or trying to hide himself. Rich sea water due to a drop in the ocean jahajagulo telasaha other harmful substances dusanasaha lost at sea off the coast of the ocean by causing climate change. As a result, the issue of poor countries, meeting or procession is the creation of local Native people feed themselves, as well as some of the environmental movement, global politics, organization or institution is associated with.
If we think about all of the research that is being called the desert of North Bengal and South Bengal there is the possibility of going underwater. After the research is in Bangladesh. Deal with India being the installments, ocaii Conference, the United Nations conference, a number of organizations and institutions in the developed world and keeps their location. At the local scale of the issues between the two countries and institutions are reinforced political position.
We know that carbon dioxide, methane, greenhouse gases that are siepha C gyasasaha other taijasapatra these sources to create a factory, a manufacturer of industrial factories, commercial and residential areas and agriculture. Here are a manufacturer of industrial factories, commercial producers and taijasapatra area where most of the developed and rich countries and are responsible for climate change. On the other hand, most of the agricultural land in developing countries, where the methane reservoir. The developed countries do not accept liability for the increase in greenhouse gases alone, and the violence is just one of them. Economic, military and political reasons, to improve the state of their industry and the company as a means to counter the poor countries to maintain their carbon-producing agents in the industry by closing the financial assistance of the outbreak puranerai political will which is fine. The carbon market is the anayasei.
“Gharathya jharamhya uradhasarammaba”, Rio Declaration, the Berlin agreement, the Kyoto Protocol, Morocco announced that they are related to climate change, global political declaration. To discuss various issues related to climate change and the many “ghabamarahradhahrahama isarapasam” has been created. One of the ahahabi -1, and -1 gharaha ahahabi, Regional Group 5 “group (Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Western Europe). In addition, -77, anajhaojha, khaui, uta, tasanatbasasadha, nacaui, they associated with. Around the world to reduce carbon iratba idhatnaraha erabathadhahapaba garaphabasa, itramm imhhrahama rratsadhahraraha, esaranadhasa idhatnaraha jabamarasaba jhumhbasa is created, in which the rich world and the poor world, national, and international political pressure and preventing the development of many of their reluctance, creating a biased and annoyance.
Bali Action Plan adopted at the REDD (Reducing Emission From Deforestation and Destructive Forest Practice) is an example where the preservation of forests in developing countries through the expansion of the rich countries, such as carbon storage or Carbon Stocks In Developing Countries kausalapatra announced. The model has been used to create some of the talking. The model has been rainy and tropical forests in developing countries is that a wide swath of forest trees katache They shall refrain from the rich and industrialized countries, and will provide the means for the country. The most interesting one is the UNFCC conference in The Hague under the Köppen Carbon Market Carbon Fund or the program has been taken up as part of the Negotiating Blocks Aid Project, Carbon Credit Trading has been launched. Currently, REDD carbon emissions in the developed world and the developing countries have become dependent on the Market and the Fund.
The conference is held at 009 hegene Köppen in industrialized states that it has carbon emissions of the carbon emissions of more than 00 years. So they are responsible for global warming, developing countries are having to reduce their carbon emissions. Currently, China, India, Brazil, etc., which led to the development of the economic situation in America and other wealthy nations should reduce their emissions of carbon deserao and the related agreements should be.
In developing countries “Kyoto Protocol” and the industrialized nations would maintain the 1990 level of carbon emissions in accordance with their agreement will. America and other nations climate change conference in Bali responsible Planetary Emergency declared themselves to blame everyone’s invited to come forward with solutions. But a spokesperson for the developing countries of the G-77 and BASIC oppose unnatadesa samuhake blamed.
China currently greenhouse gas emissions and America exceeds even their developed country samuhe only 0% people live their carbon emissions at the 70-80% rise and China, saying they are the next 5-year carbon emissions by 0% reduce their sense of 0 and 0 in The carbon level of 005 at the rate of 40-45% of carbon emissions will bring along.
Climate change conference in Copenhagen is an example of the most interesting African America and China spokesman Two Elephant in the Room Terming it and do not give them a discount has been strong.
Finally, we can say that climate change is not a single. This is a complex and difficult subject. As a result of climate change will have to wait and see if they have any direct involvement with the issue of climate change and take steps to understand that it is a subject of climate change or against whatever, it was at that moment that he reinforced mathake. Revealed new information is being added to the new politics.