Climate Change and World Politics

cropped-beautifulworkofphotographybysamlim12-600x399.jpgClimate Change and World Politics

All of that has triggered the current world climate change is one of the. The negative effects of climate change impact in the world. Rich or poor, prisoners caught up in all rastrai climate change. Trying to rescue it from the mesh to create a new way. In this way, all the same casadhahbharatsa – go pratyaka distinction exists in the match. The new dimension has been added as a result of politics. The world of politics has centered on climate change. Climate change is in line with the global climate change negotiations before we want to talk about.
Climate refers to the area of ​​the 5-30 year average for the weather elements. Climate change and the change in the average conditions. One of the elements of weather, temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind, etc.. The controller is dependent on how many of these ingredients. I should say that the weather elements above the average for the day. Climate is weather products. So we can say that climate change is a material change in the climate.
Climate change weather patterns, rainfall and the water cycle, as well as the impact of groundwater – surface water abundance, soil moisture, groundwater – underground water, creating an adverse effect on the condition.
Ocaii – a study of the North Pole in 1901 to 00 in about 7% of the spring melting of snow has fallen 15%. The study is one of the North Pole in 1979 and 005 in the -60 0 -1 103 kasa2 nabadhat snow fell. Ocaii its third assessment report has been warmer than the sea water. Sea water temperature from 000 in 1961 to 700 meters above sea level the temperature increased depth of 0,100 d. Due to climate change the earth – spatial ecology, ecosystem mahasagarika, wind components, aerosol material has been changed.
Since 1961, the 003 until the sea level has increased an average of 1.8 mm. Since 1993, the growth rate is between 003 was 3.1 mm. / Year.
From 1900 until the 005 North and South America purbansa, North Europe and North and Central Asia has increased the amount of precipitation. Change in temperature has been observed in the past 50 years. Cold days, cold nights, hot days and warm nights than the amount of the increase.
Ocaii and other greenhouse gases and temperature changes in some of the research on the effects of global warming and the state of knowledge in monitoring and trying to achieve. The climate varies according to the future of the line, the future of the water crisis bhugabe .8 billion people directly.
To come with climate change in the scope of world politics. Climate change and the environment in which it currently has a negative relationship to the world of politics jogacche fuel. Countries have suffered as a result of climate change, sea level rise could pressure countries are responsible. Many countries are responsible talabahana or read the Mughals in the house will eat together, etc. trying to create a gap phokara. In some cases, the compensation of the price cut, but I like it and I donor countries, the project suffered a hard-working methods in order to maintain their reputation manasikataya. Moreover, the internal and global politics as a presentation or trying to hide himself. Rich sea water due to a drop in the ocean jahajagulo telasaha other harmful substances dusanasaha lost at sea off the coast of the ocean by causing climate change. As a result, the issue of poor countries, meeting or procession is the creation of local Native people feed themselves, as well as some of the environmental movement, global politics, organization or institution is associated with.
If we think about all of the research that is being called the desert of North Bengal and South Bengal there is the possibility of going underwater. After the research is in Bangladesh. Deal with India being the installments, ocaii Conference, the United Nations conference, a number of organizations and institutions in the developed world and keeps their location. At the local scale of the issues between the two countries and institutions are reinforced political position.
We know that carbon dioxide, methane, greenhouse gases that are siepha C gyasasaha other taijasapatra these sources to create a factory, a manufacturer of industrial factories, commercial and residential areas and agriculture. Here are a manufacturer of industrial factories, commercial producers and taijasapatra area where most of the developed and rich countries and are responsible for climate change. On the other hand, most of the agricultural land in developing countries, where the methane reservoir. The developed countries do not accept liability for the increase in greenhouse gases alone, and the violence is just one of them. Economic, military and political reasons, to improve the state of their industry and the company as a means to counter the poor countries to maintain their carbon-producing agents in the industry by closing the financial assistance of the outbreak puranerai political will which is fine. The carbon market is the anayasei.
“Gharathya jharamhya uradhasarammaba”, Rio Declaration, the Berlin agreement, the Kyoto Protocol, Morocco announced that they are related to climate change, global political declaration. To discuss various issues related to climate change and the many “ghabamarahradhahrahama isarapasam” has been created. One of the ahahabi -1, and -1 gharaha ahahabi, Regional Group 5 “group (Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Western Europe). In addition, -77, anajhaojha, khaui, uta, tasanatbasasadha, nacaui, they associated with. Around the world to reduce carbon iratba idhatnaraha erabathadhahapaba garaphabasa, itramm imhhrahama rratsadhahraraha, esaranadhasa idhatnaraha jabamarasaba jhumhbasa is created, in which the rich world and the poor world, national, and international political pressure and preventing the development of many of their reluctance, creating a biased and annoyance.
Bali Action Plan adopted at the REDD (Reducing Emission From Deforestation and Destructive Forest Practice) is an example where the preservation of forests in developing countries through the expansion of the rich countries, such as carbon storage or Carbon Stocks In Developing Countries kausalapatra announced. The model has been used to create some of the talking. The model has been rainy and tropical forests in developing countries is that a wide swath of forest trees katache They shall refrain from the rich and industrialized countries, and will provide the means for the country. The most interesting one is the UNFCC conference in The Hague under the Köppen Carbon Market Carbon Fund or the program has been taken up as part of the Negotiating Blocks Aid Project, Carbon Credit Trading has been launched. Currently, REDD carbon emissions in the developed world and the developing countries have become dependent on the Market and the Fund.
The conference is held at 009 hegene Köppen in industrialized states that it has carbon emissions of the carbon emissions of more than 00 years. So they are responsible for global warming, developing countries are having to reduce their carbon emissions. Currently, China, India, Brazil, etc., which led to the development of the economic situation in America and other wealthy nations should reduce their emissions of carbon deserao and the related agreements should be.
In developing countries “Kyoto Protocol” and the industrialized nations would maintain the 1990 level of carbon emissions in accordance with their agreement will. America and other nations climate change conference in Bali responsible Planetary Emergency declared themselves to blame everyone’s invited to come forward with solutions. But a spokesperson for the developing countries of the G-77 and BASIC oppose unnatadesa samuhake blamed.
China currently greenhouse gas emissions and America exceeds even their developed country samuhe only 0% people live their carbon emissions at the 70-80% rise and China, saying they are the next 5-year carbon emissions by 0% reduce their sense of 0 and 0 in The carbon level of 005 at the rate of 40-45% of carbon emissions will bring along.
Climate change conference in Copenhagen is an example of the most interesting African America and China spokesman Two Elephant in the Room Terming it and do not give them a discount has been strong.
Finally, we can say that climate change is not a single. This is a complex and difficult subject. As a result of climate change will have to wait and see if they have any direct involvement with the issue of climate change and take steps to understand that it is a subject of climate change or against whatever, it was at that moment that he reinforced mathake. Revealed new information is being added to the new politics.