Rampaul power project in Bangladesh THE BUSINESS

Project: This project is the BUSINESS

Rampal will be the center two countries on the basis of equal partnership. The project is aimed at implementation of the representatives of the two countries Bangladesh – India Friendship Power Company, a company has been formed. This project will be funded 15% PDP, 15% Indian and 70% of the loan will be. What is the net profit will be shared at the rate of 50%. PDB generating electricity purchases. Electricity price will be determined according to the formula.

What is the formula? If the price of coal per ton to $ 105 per unit, the price of electricity will cost 90 paise and 5 145 dollars each if you pay 85 paise per unit of electricity 8. Maoya with the Native oriyana group, Khulna and Chittagong labanacara anoyaraya three kayalabhittika power projects that deal with the PDB, the government and Anwara and labanacara maoya 4 rupees per unit from 80 paise at 3 in the purchase. The government already has 145 million of imported coal for the Rampal. 8 money from the PDB at 85 paise per unit of electricity that it purchases.

It is a human disaster. As a result of the acquisition of 8 acres of land in 1830 dhani family will be evicted. Rampaul employment may be at the center of the top 600 people, refugees, and the action will result in almost 7 500 families. But, we have a couple of crores every year haraba agricultural production.

It’s no harm to the environment. Kayalabhittika any other power projects that are likely to harm any of the more than kayekaguna. Bhasmibhuta especially coal ash and gases generated as a result
This is due to the effects of simultaneous air and water pollution. The area around the project areas are more vulnerable because esidabrsti, which prevents the growth of trees and forests dangerous levels.

In a survey conducted in the United States, the country’s total carbon dioxide in the 010 – oxide 81 percent of udagirana kayalabhittika projects, of which only 41 percent of the total energy was found. In all countries of the world to be careful of is the kayalabhittika projects.

Recently, to avoid this kind of project, I was more cestatai. Each of the 500 MW power project to generate approximately kayalabhittika. Billion gallons of water are needed. Rampal project will meet the animal is undoubtedly the Nile River. Salt water and fresh water animal river and mangrove forests to maintain a balance between the needs of a particular role. This naditira connection with the whole region, including the overall biodiversity. This field is a very important settlements in the Nile River. But we’re going to build this project using the river astitbakei phelachi endangered.

The project area is declared protected and sensitive areas of the Sundarbans is just 4 km away from. Other countries causes serious pollution to the environment is protected woodland and settlement 15 – 0 kilometers kayalabhittika power stations are not allowed to build. Even the Indian company of his own on the central provinces of the country have not been to a similar project. According to the report, the proposed project iaie just 14 kilometers away from the Sundarbans! It is 14 km distance from the Sundarbans is the debate. Iaie in real time in one place is a place sundarabanerai was part of the project.

The center will have 660 MW of coal power production unit. Construction of the first unit to take four years. The creation of the first unit in the whole area of ​​the four-year environment, agriculture, fisheries and water resources of the harmful effect on.

Sundarban goods and equipment to build power stations will be transmitted through the river. Additional vessels to navigate, oil discharge, sabdadusana, lighting, waste emissions, especially in the Sundarbans eco-system of the Royal Bengal Tiger, Deer, Dolphin, on the harmful effects of mangrove forests have been concerns in the iaie. The water will drejinyera ghola. If you do not properly control the dredging of oil – contaminated water to be disposed of grija. The river riparian mangrove forest animals that have rows that will cut jeti nirmanasaha a variety of reasons. Due to chop off the riverbank brushwood brushwood various birds, especially birds settled sarasa and bakajatiya will be lost. According to the report iaie power stations in operation at 13 MW power plant daily from 0 to about 14 tons of toxic sulfur dioxide – nitrogen oxides and 85 tons of toxic die – will emit oxides. Pratighantaya 9 of 150 animals from the Nile water ghanamitara will be revoked. He was talking to filter, water emissions from coal power stations if it led to different levels of pollutants that coal power stations in the world during the ‘zero emissions’ or ‘zero discharge’ policy is adopted. Enatipisii the coal power plant construction in India, and the ‘zero discharge’ policy has been followed. The report has been iaie – Rampaul purification of coal gas, the liquid waste or animal iphluyenta hour river flowed at a rate of 100 ghanamitara will be, which will destroy the whole environment of the Sundarbans. According to the report iaie waste gases emitted from the chimney of 75 m height will be 1 in 5 degree Celsius temperature. The temperature will be around. 7 lakh 50 thousand tons of coal in the center of Fly Ash and Bottom Ash million tons will be produced. The various heavy metals, such as – arsenic, mercury, lead, nickel, bhyanadiyama, beriliyama, byariyama, cadmium, chromium, selenium, radium is important. But the terrible thing is, on the one hand is the issue of the pollution of the environment is toxic ash, the ash with a total of 1834 acres, 1414 acres of land has been designed to be filled! This is certainly barjyachaiyera toxic heavy metals in the soil mix with rain water and ground water are contaminated layers. The effects of the project area is not limited. Produced barjyachai cement factories, brick making, and a variety of industrial possibility iaie report, but the fact of the pukuriyara only 50 MW of electricity from the generating daily 300 metric tons barjyachai a cement factory using the ash ponds or Ash pande pile and the environmental disaster brought the. Power station turbines, generators, compressors, pumps, cooling towers, coal, move down, etc., used to transport equipment and vehicles from the horror sabdadusana. From coal power stations emit sulfur, nitrogen, carbon, etc., of various compounds or mercury, lead, cadmium, byariyama infections caused by bacteria, and heavy metals pollution in the area around the cooling towers in the form of pneumonia spread of the disease.

In the center of power for the 47 million tons of coal in the 0 to Indonesia, Australia and South Africa will have to import from the sea. Imported coal Sundarban through Mongla port by ship and then from there it will go to the center of power Rampal. Sundarban is the largest ship in the depth of the river is suitable for cattle because of the large coal ship will bring up the Sundarban Akram, Akram then the ship coal from multiple small laitareja manlabandare should go. Around 13 thousand tons per day for 13 0 MW coal costs. At the end of the second phase of the 6-ton coal costs. It’s a beautiful forest hirana points up to 30 points from the river Akram Akram large ships in 59 days and approximately 67 km from Mongla port to point the way to a small laitareja ship thousands of tons of coal per year for 36 days to transport!

Samiksatei the environment has been acknowledged, the Sundarbans to navigate the ship through the transport of coal from the coal transport ship coal powder, or a piece of broken coal, oil, dirt – garbage, cook a huge amount of contaminated waste is disposed of panisaha – Canal – matisaha Whole Sundarbans will pollute. Calacalakari ship dheuye erosion of the arrow is running. Coal and coal transport ship loading – unloading equipment from a wide range of night will sabdadusana. Light the lights at night in search of the ship when the ship movement pranisaha Sundarbans Reserved Forest serious harmful effects on animals jibanacakrera.

The proposed coal-based power project in Madhya Pradesh Indian companies enatipisira Indian Environment Ministry has rejected. They said, “power projects proposed for the area is arable land, which is not at all acceptable for the project. The Narmada river water from the project for 3 kiuseka dragging is not realistic for the project. Salpata agricultural land, near settlements, water salpata, considering the environmental impact of this project is to be canceled. ”

Construction of power stations in the country that considers itself enatipisi could not do the same, considering all of their projects can not be canceled?

Indian investment in the project is 15% owned 50%. Electricity price has more than doubled. 7500 families are being evicted. Losing agricultural land resources. Environmental disasters in Bangladesh. 50% percent of the ownership of the Indian company? Madhya Pradesh in India permitted establishment of Bangladesh Sundarbans on the enatipisikei 13 0 MW power plant to generate potentially damaging effects on the environment are opportunities to fly in the face without. The Indian company will not pay karao Rampal power plant profits. It is to favor the national interest? And this is what we will be swallowing?images (21)

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