Swift movement to protect the Sundarbans.World Haritage.

cropped-beautifulworkofphotographybysamlim12-600x399.jpgSundarbans “and” Rampal power plant
Bangladesh is known as a dense forest far from old. But the British government in the forest or forest nidhanayanja. It is up to the Director-General samarahe. While the humanitarian needs of the huge population, but the indiscriminate cutting of plants may be rightly called forestry resources of this country.

# # General information: No country for the protection of the natural balance of the total forest land required for the 5%, but only 0.0% of the per hectare in the country, only 17% of the total tract. khelbona

A large part of the total forest area in the south of the country (Khulna, Bagerhat, Barguna, Patuakhali, sataksira) coastal area of ​​the brackish water of the sea or tidal mangrove forests of the Sundarbans has been built.
The greenhouse effect from >> the Sundarbans (the atmospheric carbon dioxide – oxide – co2 amount of tolerable levels for the most important role in the Sundarbans) in the Sundarbans.

The Sundarbans is located in the Bay of Bengal to the south >> dheye the flood, tidal mamatamayi us as a mother is to protect.
(Note that a “mahasena” first hit henechile Patuakhali, Barguna, Bhola in the narratives of Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Sitakunda, it has been Feni. Was the first hit regions, the areas near the Sundarban region is slowing down due to a lack of the mahasena and rain as a result of the weakening later. was devastating losses from the survivors went. at the Sidr’s wounds still remains the coastal people to carry on working. was 007 in the coastal areas hit brought Sidr’s speed was the hour of the 0 – 40 km. Sidr’s Prevent further loss of speed bhayabhaya has reduced the Sundarbans and the coastal green belts.

The balance of temperature and humidity in the Sundarbans >> bayumandalaya growth (forest vegetation prevents sunlight from the ground in the forest soil is warm, so the forest is cold air coming into contact with the soil. Prasbedanera the plant spreads through water vapor in the air. Due to wind increased moisture and air temperature decreases. ankurodgama the seeds and brstipate support) support.

Sundarbans >> ksayarodhe our land (soil firmly stuck in the roots of trees, plants and grass without soil or rain cats and flooding washed out with the tide, with the necessary elements for crop potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus in water can be washed into sea water. Seen as one of the more Earth from 4 billion tons and 400 million tons of organic material in the soil chemistry are well washed to the sea) role. roll

Sundarbans >> increase the fertility of the land (the coastal area of ​​forest tree leaves, stems, bark, roots, and remains of animals and birds malamutra mineral and organic fertilizer into the soil mix. Hiumasa of the soil organic potassium fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorus supplies. Coastal areas hiumasa ground water, soil or organic fertilizer to grow, and the result of saline water in crop production is possible) can help. shame

To clean the air >> Sundarbans (Sundarbans, and the plants from the air of harmful gases – such as carbon dioxide – oxide-co2, carbon mono – oxide-CO, was removed from the sand and dust in the air and provides adequate amount of oxygen-O2) support.

Bhubhagake >> desert regions of our country being turned back from the Sundarbans and the coastal areas, green belts contribute much more. lol

Sand and dust >> Sundarbans eliminate odor (study revealed that, to a large tree, displaying only summer 10 paunda or 4.5 kg of dust. Chemical products made in the form of a tree and leave it in the air., No flowers, no trees and chemical products are very fragrant. Sundarbans, coastal forest with us through the flowers absorb odor and helps us to live a nice way) to work. mail

>> Sundarbans animal birds (UNDP and FAO’s survey found only in the Sundarbans in 4 0 Tiger, 1 lakh from 0 thousand deer, 40 of the monkeys, 43 in the wild sukura, 3 thousand different species of birds. Market bhalluka, snakes, crocodiles, squirrel , nearly the same gui snakes and insects live in the Sundarbans. mithe the water Dolphin’s abhyaranya many rivers in the Sundarbans.) haven.

This creature >> The Sundarbans – a place of great diversity conservation. Microbiological millions of plant and animal genes, and the sum of the body and the environment as a complex organism – the variety of makes. The area of ​​the organism – the protection of the diversity of the forest is very important. Forest destruction is a result of various plants absorb from the earth. This is a realistic khadyasrnkhala destroyed. The forms or species are threatened with extinction.

The Sundarbans plays an important role in the economy >>. The natural resources of the forest. Oil, gas, coal can be done at any time, but no kaleya forestry resource protection and care of the phurabena bingana is agreed. This is a renewal of the banake inexhaustible source of wealth.
Sundarban Forest resources of the economy are highlighted below:
1. Fuel wood supply.
The. Cabinet housing bubble, and supplies.
3. Human food supply.
4. Supply of raw materials to industry: match, plywood, paper, bricks, boats and boat, sitalapati, bamboo products evolved, betajata materials, silk and tobacco, forestry, and oil from the seeds of the plant.

A supply of herbal medicines >> Sundarbans donor. Ayurbedi, iunani, homeopathy and herbal elopyathi cakitsa in the original materials in the production of medicine, leaves, bark, roots, flowers, seeds. The use of the plant is about 700. The supply of this plant comes from the Sundarbans.

So much of the Sundarbans dekhachenai I feel much better for our needs. So we needed for our need to protect the sundarike. The Sundarban is the security of our beautiful forest with a chest cold inside the power plant is going to Rampaul. We’re more intense. If you need to get off the streets will not stick. Let’s hope so … I do not like the Sundarbans Rampal power plant.

# # And at first glance it’s written in the Sundarbans in omiya read the article. See if you are losing kiki:

Let’s be a little eye bulai 1834 acres of land acquired for the power project in what we’re losing.
• Power stations within a radius of 6 and 10, 353 tons and 85 tons of rice produced in the project area 1.
• In addition to the main power center within a radius of 10 is produced 1,40,461 tonnes of other cereals.
• the home of 34 cows, and 3 mahisa, 4 goats, 1 sheep, 5 ducks, 6-7 in the poultry keeping. Mangrove forest with the river and canal connections to the area, freshwater and brackish water fish rich assortment. Mesh across the canal and river network to protect biological diversity and balance. Within a radius of 10 km from the center of the 5-year project in 1866 and 1834 metric tons of acres of land (56941 metric tons) of fish are produced.
EIA report for the project to build power stations in the area (1834 acres) of rice, fish, domestic animals, etc. The product will destroy the optimism that has been expressed, if you follow the proper management of the environment outside the 10 km area will not have any adverse effects (). Although various types of construction work, dressing, was a wide variety of chemical and oil: sarana of animals and maidbara the river, connecting the canal, the tide – the tide inundation of land in the area of ​​fisheries habitat, fisheries, and the diversity of the movement can be affected by the shocks have been published.
# # Swift movement to protect the Sundarbans, let’s continue. Attention all fellow traveler friends are guys. Rampaul power stations across the country to demand an end to the movement for the District of ekajote aimed at making everyone come forward to create public opinion in their respective districts. Abasthanakari fellow traveler of the Friends of the Sundarbans to protect us, you can tell your location. The number 01912471433 or 01676788153
I can give you a voice to the opposition to this agreement, will add a new dimension. To protect our country, we do not have the protection of forests in this movement, the movement of your Facebook friends to tell 10 people. The share of electricity Rampal bhayabhayata center.


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