Earth Destroy Project In South Asia (1)

Coal-Mines-300x200Coal Power In Heritage.Climate Destroy (1)
Bangladesh/Hindustan(Coal Power In Haretage)
Rampal in Bagerhat district, an area of ​​the Sundarbans .335.46 square kilometers in this area because it is located near the geographical importance and the maritime much. They have the attention of Rampal. 0 Rampal thermal power stations in the building for the final agreement signed with India Hall. The agreement was signed by the three – a joint venture agreement, the implementation of the Agreement and the Power Purchase Agreement. Their 011 – Sheikh Hasina’s visit to India in January during which a memorandum of understanding between the two countries, cooperation between the two countries on the basis of power and had to run. The ramapale kayalabhittika build power stations in 01 of 9 January tharamala Power Corporation of India (enatipisi) agreement with the Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB).
A matching agreement

Rampal thermal power project, consisting of representatives of the two countries Bangladesh – India Friendship Power Company has been formed as a company .. The implementation of the project will be jointly kayalabhittika enatipisi and the PDP 13 of 00 crore. The total cost of 30 percent of the three thousand 960 crore will be spent in the PDB and the Indian companies will each invest 15% of the. 9 of the remaining 70 percent or 40 percent will be funded through debt, which will be collected from enatipisi various banks and donor agencies. Them without having to invest only 15% of the projects will be 85% malikanai enatipisi ‘s.
The agreement did not set the sale price of electricity produced. What is the state of the PDP and PDP enatipisi agreement before the purchase price, how much will the price of coal as a fuel to these issues, but they are not finalized. PDP in the state of pre-study for determining the price of electricity to enatipisike said. Enatipisi the pre-survey at the end of the first PDP 14 per unit price of electricity and the cost of punahpraka study was 8.55. I do not like being the one without the power to determine the value of the purchase decision is taken to deal with. However, after making the total cost of power per unit for the production of electricity and fuel price adjustment has been decided to fix the price of electricity. It is essentially an Indian power plants, which can reduce the price of electricity kinabeebam it is nothing more than well equipped with large sums of money Indian companies will profit everything! In accordance with the provisions kayalabhittika power per unit of electricity produced from one liter of oil required per unit of electricity, but the two-liter oil enatipisi claims. Enatipisira comply with this unjust claim to take the huge financial losses to be rising.

Rampaul generating electricity from the power of the profit that will be sold in India and Indian companies can engage the company for 10 years with a mean of karareyata facility. This karareyata facility with the loss of hundreds of millions of people in the Indian government has paved the way for lunthanera.


Swamp (calanabile) Effects of climate change

ab_jolbau-poribortoner-prov218px-Mudflat_and_clouds_in_SundarbansSwamp (calanabile) Effects of climate change
By Hay You on June 28, 2013
Effects of climate changeE: the small size of the fish was not water calanabile wive!
Desk Report
Adverse effects of climate change are small, the size of the fish. Depending on the nature of the survival of the species in the lifts. Not only that machai, calanabile old wive’s no water. We sent representatives to report:
Jhinaigati (Sherpur): According to environmentalists, the adverse effects of climate change may be due to the small size of the fish are maturing. This is the ultimate source of food is threatened.
Britain’s Royal Society journal biology letters the name of the results of this study have been published.
In the previous studies, some important species of fish to catch the big fish selectively and help the environment changes, the effects of food Ease the shape of small fish started.
However, if the size of the extent of the impact will be, or how small, they still have not been investigated. Australian and Finnish researchers examined this issue for the group is to support high-capacity computers. What is going on in our country related research – or was not – you do not know it, but because of climate change are already jhinaigatira all kinds of small fish. Above the average of the five species of fish that are smaller than the size of the next 50 years, we examined the effect of his comments are. The fishing was great to see the impact of the research team.
They see that the five most important species from the total amount of organic mass is reduced 35 percent. With the amount of fishing that they can find samaparimane get reduced. According to the research group, the fish’s body shape is slightly reduced, but the effect of natural death. The more, the world is a sea change in the environment. The change happening in the way. The changes are happening in the world of fishing and being warm through. However, the fish can be protected from this condition, it is a comprehensive study of the run. The team of researchers from the adverse environment of widespread public awareness of the need.
Bisbajalabayu damages will change people in the world. Negative effects on fish for human societies has been identified as a significant risk.
Tarasa (Sirajganj): calanabilancale effects of climate change have been read. The bottom water bill is madhyaasarheo. Monsoon in the range of jalarasi calanabilera mathaghata were submerged. Depending on the water bill calanabilera tarasa, Ullapara, sahajadapura, chatmohar, bhangura, Faridpur, gurudasapura, sinra and atrai winter stocking of millions of farmers, fishermen and fish prey was busy. Marine transportation – to bring the goods – would be taken.
Life depends on water bills – had to change professions. But most of the time calanabile Monsoon fetch water in the region has chandapatana people’s lives. Calanabilera mathaghata boat traffic in panisunya bill because of the movement of pedestrians hemtei. This is because water is not matsyajibira aside. It tells pesai change.

Environmental Disasters On Earth

waterEnvironmental disasters
13 0 MW a year Sundarban bidyutakendra kayalacalita heat the air emissions of toxic chemicals is a calculated (estimated) to be shown pareh
The 6000 tons of sulfur dioxide yaesida rain original controller, and 65 0 of nitrogen oxides in the acid rain is and chemical fog of the controller, 9.6 million tons of carbon dioxide, 1300 tons of small particles (harmful chemicals added), 57 tons hydrocarbon, 518 thousand tons of chemical weep, arasenika 585 pounds, 96 pounds of lead, 10 pounds of cadmium, and radioactive substances like uranium with. The temperature of the waste gases emitted from the chimney height of 75 meters will be 1 of 5 degrees Celsius. The temperature will be around. Sundarban animals – birds, plants on the ultimate impact. This is due to the thermal power stations likely to absorb demonstrate the Sundarbans. Cyclone sidare the whole of the flat earth bamciyechila the Sundarbans. This forest is very easy to absorb when any natural disaster to hit the hanabe flat earth.
As a result of the acquisition of 8 acres of land in 1830 dhani family will be evicted. Rampaul employment may be at the center of the top 600 people, refugees, and the action will result in almost 7 500 families. But, we have a couple of crores every year haraba agricultural production.
Lots of water is needed to produce electricity at kayalabhittika project. Rampal project will meet the animals from the Nile River. Salt water and fresh water balance of the river animals keep their special role. This nadatira connection with the whole region, including the overall biodiversity. But this project was to create a river that has been endangered astitbakei.
Sundarban goods and equipment to build power stations will be transmitted through the river. Nadisasanera need for transportation. Nadisasanera the water will ghola. Increased movement of vessels, oil discharge, sabdadusana, lighting, waste emissions, especially in the Sundarbans eco-system of the Royal Bengal Tiger, Deer, Dolphin, on the harmful effects of mangrove forest. Nadisasana If you do not properly oil – contaminated water must be disposed of grija . The river riparian mangrove forest animals that have rows that will cut jeti nirmanasaha a variety of reasons.
Serious environmental pollution caused by coal-based power plant typically stored in the forest, and settlers from 0 to 15 km of the coal power plant construction is approved. The proposed 13 MW Rampaul 0 Coal Power project is just 14 km away from the beautiful forests of the Sundarbans, which is around 10 km enabhairanamentali Critical Area (ECN), 4 km away from the safe, as has been claimed. But the Indian enatipisi the Sundarbans in the Power Center to build on the bharaterai Wildlife Protection Act, 197 and, according to the center 15 km radius of any tiger / elephant conservation areas, biodiversity is important for forests, national parks, wildlife sanctuary, or any other protected forests Must not have.
This project is the final space, land acquisition and construction of the power plant after the contract signing all done, the environmental impact of construction, survey and public opinion has been sought on the site of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, which is ridiculous final.

The proposed coal-based power project in Madhya Pradesh Indian companies enatipisira Indian Environment Ministry has rejected. They said, “power projects proposed for the area is arable land, which is not at all acceptable for the project. The Narmada river water from the project for 3 kiuseka dragging is not realistic for the project. Salpata agricultural land, near settlements, water salpata, considering the environmental impact of this project is to be canceled. ”

Liability of the
Sundarban environment threatened by pushing the responsibility to create ramapale heat bidyutakendra bootlicker of U.S. imperialism in India. Indian interests, the interests of the sbaghosita bikiye patriotic She .1996 of 1 December with a 30-year term of the Awami League government signed the Ganges panibantanera Assam. The March of 1 006 in the prevention of trafficking in illegal drugs and nesajatiya products and 007 products in the two countries under the Agreement of 6 June and the agreement of the two bhaotabajira p. The Awami League, B n P, Jamaat-e-Islam, one of the party all the time. It’s a massive repression on the people in power. The interests of the people of the world imperialist system does not take into account the interests of the tabedara prabhudera ruling party. They came to power in the early prahasanera.
The selection of the Americas – the interests of the game. P is the servant of the Awami League and the NBA. Coming ahead of the election, the Awami League government of India has achieved the pressure of his interests., And the way the country is going through the finish. This will make him win the election. Patriotism or the interests of the people they pinpoint.
The project is complete agreement with India Rampal, Sundarbans devastating arthanaitikabhabeo the agreement is not profitable at all, the agreements ensure that the Suggestions! Only one way to ganapratirodha, has been forced to flee the ganapratirodha Asia enarjike patatari wrap phulabari from coal, the ganapratirodha Airport ariyala bill to establish a life – living in devastating plot against the ganapratirodha gave birth kanasata phenomena, we need to ganapratirodha ramapale.

Consumption of the state and the collapse of the coup was necessary to establish the state and the constitution.

China – South Asia eksapajisana and forums. !?

Kunamim (China) the fair booth
Was held from 10 June to 6 ‘1 st kunaminye China China – South Asia eksapajisana and forums. China for the first time in this country eksapajisana and forums as well as the theme of the nominated. The purpose of this forum was in China and Southeast Asia in the new strategic, economic, and social communication strategy and policy. The significance of this is eksapajisanera, the South Asian countries to establish a close relationship with the Chinese multidimensional.
China – South Asia eksapajisanera high-level official delegation, a business delegation, South Asia, Think tank leaders, cultural groups, and civil society representatives attended. This was a significant part of the forum eksapajisana and China – South Asia Conference of Think Tanks Forum. All the countries of South Asia, this conference was attended by leading cintakera. Note that in the current geopolitics of the world – political, economic, and social context of South Asia, increasing the importance of the day. The nearest neighbor of South Asia as well as China’s strategic partner in the region will not be back.
Strategic changes that are currently in South Asia, particularly in the United States, Asia, re-balancing ‘-‘s policy in South Asia in terms of land – has a lot of political importance. The 00 million people living in the region. The largest country in South Asia as well as India and China, the world is regarded as an emerging economic power. The outside world that a nuclear-powerful state how many have taken place in the countries of South Asia, India and Pakistan. The Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea in the South Asian countries of this region home against a surface – in strategic locations reached. China’s interests in the region because they have seen lately, Pakistan and Sri Lanka goyadara hambanatotaya the port has been set up. Some Indian strategic thought the name was “Muktar beads. China is the creation of the Indian Ocean, its adhipatyabalaya Muktar I would like a different place, is surrounded by naubandara. According to many, it is a continuation of their vision to the next port of Myanmar and Bangladesh in Chittagong port side sitaoye. However, the need to specifically mention that the current world is the emergence of the new energy, the de facto head of the competition is going to be the Indian Ocean.
Meanwhile, the Indian Navy as a sign of the development of the strategic competition and the Indian Ocean are marks of their strong positions. United States and allied countries to strengthen their position in the Indian Ocean has been to continue to take concrete steps. For example, 007 in the United States Navy and the four Allied countries, such as India, Australia, Singapore and Japan malabara a large navy in the Indian Ocean – the trial, which the Navy – the first of two aircraft carrier groups location. Note, this trial has not been invited to China after the Chinese strategic thinkers and their writings are referred to strengthen their position in the Indian Ocean and the Indian Ocean on no account ‘Indian Ocean’ can not be given. This is caused by the current southern esiyamukhi strategic understanding of China as part of this initiative is going to be a series of activities. The result is a significant strategic communication with China in South Asia. Note that in this region of China, South Asia is one of the attractions of the place samudrabandara can be designated as the port is not only economic but also having more samarikabhabeo may be necessary.
Economic and trade in South Asia has a huge interest in China. Let’s just think of India. In the 005 China – India bilateral trade was around 10 billion dollars, 75 billion dollars this year, which is beyond. They are expected, the 015 will exceed $ 100 billion in bilateral trade. However, it is not expedient that the South China esiyamukhi policy of the country. The security of the United States from China competing. So with that challenge in South Asia is not in the ring, he said China is taking the initiative and strategy. I would never do the same in China as well as countries in South Asia that would infringe on its impact. However, it is not a new issue, but China in the region and reaffirmed its strategic location enables a variety of strategies for taking. In addition to these things, the importance of the region has been in China recently after taking office, Prime Minister Lee kekiyam his first foreign trip as the South Asian countries of India and Pakistan to choose. The visit to China by the push of a joint venture caturpaksika and economic development, such as economic cooperation, sub – regional groups and the establishment of a new economic development mentioned. The thoughts Bangladesh, China, India, and consists of miyanamara bisiaiemerai a new reflection. China’s new economic corridors in the region through the initiative to establish the role of an entrepreneur and the venture is going to take the opportunity to have an effective contribution, from which we can benefit economically.
Let’s come to the Bangladesh context. The earth – at least not in any of the political importance of China. All of the Earth – has the resources or the location, the most important being the position of the Indian Ocean. The geographical position of Bangladesh, especially around South Asia’s most powerful state in the tradition of China’s important. The most important economic and strategic partner for China, even as he wants, and the other two hockey চিরপ্রতিদ্বন্দ্বী against the United States and India in the region to create a strong position. It can be seen from a consideration of the economic aspects, the main trade partner of China. Bacharao in trade between the two countries increased by 37 percent. China as a country that for decades has chosen the amadanipradhana state. Even China has already provided the quota free access a variety of products. China’s relations with the military in any part of the country is lagging behind.
Bangladesh is one of the main countries of South Asia, China, from which all military facilities have. And 01 in China and Bangladesh, the defense cooperation agreement, signed at the military training. Reports from various sources that the Bangladesh Navy Submarine will be added very soon, it will be very likely to purchase from China. Even though it is not affected by the internal and foreign policy of India (Department of Foreign Affairs in the newly published report on anti-terrorism activities, according to the country) and Russia’s arms purchase agreements with regard to our close relations with China in the light of cleft cited expert opinion is started, the He was in favor of any of these memoranda nameni yet. Recently observed a significant step in maintaining relations with China, but with China’s existing exchange – providing that relationship, it did not change radically.
When considering the overall situation in South Asia is China’s continued interest in the economic life of the people, but it will also help maintain regional peace and stability. In particular, the balance of power in South Asia samastika issues bharatakendrika because etadancale is often not possible to maintain. The principles of this region of interest is determined. The way to come out of South Asia in China, this new policy will contribute to efficient enterprise sturdy. China is already taking place as SAARC observer countries had virtually no active role in the creation of opportunities that were offered. It’s going to be, this new initiative in China, China will be able to create and direct the location of China – South Asia will be unveiled on the door to the possibility of a new multi-lateral relations.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

218px-Mudflat_and_clouds_in_SundarbanslawachoraThe International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)Doing nathing for “Save Haritage/Mangrove Sundorbon”
The Coal Power Plant Will Build Up.
It is a human disaster. As a result of the acquisition of 8 acres of land in 1830 dhani family will be evicted. Rampaul employment may be at the center of the top 600 people, refugees, and the action will result in almost 7 500 families. But, we have a couple of crores every year haraba agricultural production.
It’s no harm to the environment. Kayalabhittika any other power projects that are likely to .
In a survey conducted in the United States, the country’s total carbon dioxide in the 010 – oxide 81 percent of udagirana kayalabhittika projects, of which only 41 percent of the total energy was found. In all countries of the world to be careful of is the kayalabhittika projects.
Recently, to avoid this kind of project, I was more cestatai. Each of the 500 MW power project to generate approximately kayalabhittika. Billion gallons of water are needed. Rampal project will meet the animal is undoubtedly the Nile River. Salt water and fresh water animal river and mangrove forests to maintain a balance between the needs of a particular role. This naditira connection with the whole region, including the overall biodiversity. This field is a very important settlements in the Nile River. But we’re going to build this project using the river astitbakei phelachi endangered.

New World Heritage Mount Fuji

Mont FujiMont FujiThe new World Heritage Mount Fuji
Japan has the highest top of Mount phujike as World Heritage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
UNESCO has recognized as a sleeping volcano Mount phujike Natural Heritage site.
Tokyo: south – west side of the volcano, located 100 km away from the famous asleep. Today, 300 years before the last of the bhenechila sleep. Mount Fuji in Japan during the 11th World Heritage. The World Heritage in Japan and 01 in Mount phujike iuneskoke request for the announcement. In terms of the World Heritage site declared by UNESCO phujike mount.

UNESCO world heritage But distroying…

cropped-cropped-smokestack-sunset-thumb-480xauto-17231.jpgThe Sundarban forest lies in the vast delta on the Bay of Bengal formed by the super confluence of the Padma, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers across southern Bangladesh. The seasonally flooded Sundarbans freshwater swamp forests lie inland from the mangrove forests on the coastal fringe. The forest covers 10,000 km2. of which about 6,000 are in Bangladesh.[8] It became inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997. The Sundarbans is estimated to be about 4,110 km², of which about 1,700 km² is occupied by waterbodies in the forms of river, canals and creeks of width varying from a few meters to several kilometers.

The Sundarbans is intersected by a complex network of tidal waterways, mudflats and small islands of salt-tolerant mangrove forests. The interconnected network of waterways makes almost every corner of the forest accessible by boat. The area is known for the eponymous Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris), as well as numerous fauna including species of birds, spotted deer, crocodiles and snakes. The fertile soils of the delta have been subject to intensive human use for centuries, and the ecoregion has been mostly converted to intensive agriculture, with few enclaves of forest remaining. The remaining forests, taken together with the Sundarbans mangroves, are important habitat for the endangered tiger. Additionally, the Sundarbans serves a crucial function as a protective barrier for the millions of inhabitants in and around Khulna and Mongla against the floods that result from the cyclones. The Sundarbans has also been enlisted among the finalists in the New7Wonders of Nature.