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Dhaka: Bangladesh and India jointly ramapale kayalabhittika Khulna power being generated. The power of the Secretary uma Shankar came to Bangladesh on Saturday morning.
They’re going to continue to talk with erimadhye. It’s going to be a deal signed on Saturday evening.
13 and 0 meghaoyata capacity has been named the bidyutkendrera Bangladesh – India Friendship Power Company Ltd. (biaiephapisiela).
The deal is expected to be traveling at uma Shankar. These are – Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Implementation Agreement (IA) and samatabhittika (50:50) joint venture agreement (jebhie) editor.
1 of the project for the development of electricity last year on the basis of equality and bipidibi enatipisi an agreement was signed. The goal was – to take part in the two countries launched a joint venture company.
October 31 and 01 in the joint venture company was launched.
The officials of Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB) and the Indian National Power Corporation (enatipisi) on the basis of equality in derasa-million dollar project has been the signing of the agreement. This means that 70 percent debt and 30 percent from the PDB and enatipisi joint financing.
However, Rampaul 1 00 crore on the power plant to the electricity will be added to the national grid by the year 016. The per unit cost of electricity in 5 of the 7.
Rampaul power project in Bangladesh on 31 January of the Secretary at a press conference in New Delhi was declared the project. The outline of this project is byabaharasaha modern technology.
The Secretary had the power, and the use of ramapale they uccaprayuktira paribase of Pollution give the maximum.
Bangladesh to import coal from Indonesia to the decision.
75 meters in height, chimneys project, which is decimal 99 to 99 percent efficiency. This environment will not have an adverse effect on the uma Shankar said.
Dhaka and New Delhi on January 9 last year ramapale yauthacukti signed up to the project. Enatipisi This study and other work that has been brought up potential.