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Indian part of the Sundarbans tiger numbers Century
Kolkata as the tiger, I hope more than anything in the Indian Sundarbans. At least 103 have been confirmed existence of tigers in the banadaptara. Banadaptara and dabliudabliuepha – an initiative of the tiger kyamerabandi 101 cameras have been installed. Alipore zoo sajanekhali banadaptarera custody and two tigers. In other words, at least 103 of the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve bayosphiyara are currently. 55 to 57 pairs of phase phorera manitarinye Sundarban core zone automatic camera was mounted sajanekhali, basirahata range and National Park East. From November last year to March this year the survey has been through the cameras. The initiative dabliuaiaira twenty-four Parganas South West Division of the National Park System study is the same range. The initial state of the automatic cameras in front of the still image of the obajektera. But obajekta more than 30 seconds when the camera is in front of the cameras automatically start obajektera video photography. The cameras to obtain images and video based on the data analysis is the sajanekhalite 17, basirahate 13, the National Park iste and 7, the National Park oyeste and 3, and the twenty-four paraganaya and 1 tiger presence is confirmed banadaptara. 010 – and 011 – fold, had a forest officer and সুন্দরবনপ্রেমীদের’s baghasumari forehead. 75 to 90 tigers in the Sundarbans asbitbera was talking. The number of tigers in the Sundarbans in the bottom of the thekeche. Bachchu banadaptara be sure about the number of tigers and dabliudabliuepha camera decides to leaves.