Oil – Gas Mineral Resources and Power

sundarban32214.jpgRampaul Power Station Environmental Impact nirupanake (iaie) prahasanamulaka the mythic and the report has pratyaksana environmentalists and oil – gas, mineral resources and power – Ports of the National Committee leaders.

On Friday afternoon, the buildings’ electricity Rampal iaie the opinion of the review, the seminar was at.

World Literature Centre director Professor Abdullah Abu saiyida seminar said that in order to do something that is bad aspects. But Rampaul in the center of the debate is the first. I also think people should do everything palitikyali or technically.

Energy experts said. Samachula of the coal-based power plant iaie reports, there should be, he had to decide. But the final decision was taken to create a center of power Rampal. Already been formed joint venture company. Land has been acquired. Agreement has been signed. I iaie the ones who can do the comedy?

Protection of the Sundarbans, a discount of about ramapale power stations can not be claimed, he said.

Oil – Gas Mineral Resources and Power – Ports of the National Committee convenor Engineer Sheikh Muhammad Shahidullah said the construction of the power plant, the loss of the Sundarbans, the report is an accurate analysis.

Noise and environmental pollution have been made about the wrong information. The report claimed that he would not be accepted.

Environmentalists said Iqbal Habib, iaie the land has been with the police unleash. It does not say iaie iemapi (Environmental Management Plan) should say. The wind blows during the winter as opposed to. The Sundarbans is just 10 kilometers away from the center of the ash and smoke will damage the Sundarbans.

The lawyer added ritakari power projects. Tahsin said, in one of the writ of the government breaking the law.

Environmentalists said. Abdul Matin said,” a study showed Environmentalists Khulna University, will be the loss of the Sundarbans. Press Club news conference, they said. But the report period was taken. If the government daroja – the windows are closed, you do not have anything to us.”
Wireless Engineer roaring wave of the Sundarbans, the air of harmful levels of sulfur and naitrojenera per cubic meter currently has 30 maikrograma. If you reach the center of power density of 53.4 maikrograme. It will endanger the existence of the Sundarbans.

The Secretary Monwar said,” We must also consider apanadeka. As a group, is trying not to give the amadeka dholai. You achenai it.”

Adhidaphatarera Additional Director General of Environment sahajahanake opinion when he said,” We did not have clearance. There are some guidelines. According to the guide line is sabhao today. They do not want to make any comments at this time.”

FBCCI, the former president of the Azad said, coal-based power center of the world was willing to PPP financing for the project. We were interested in business. Suddenly, we hear, in agreement with the reminder has been signed.”

This seminar is starting late in the afternoon. The environmentalists, energy experts, and victims are called local.

Advisor to the Prime Minister, was the chief guest of the seminar fuel. Tawfiq – e – Elahi Chowdhury. Special guest was the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Mohammad Enamul Haque, MP, local MP Talukder habibunnahara, cream Gopal Biswas, MP, Rampal Upazila Parishad Chairman Abdur Rouf Molla.

Iaie Centre for Environment and Geographic Information Science to create a report. The report was presented. Oyaji Ullah. The former director of Petrobangla said after Maqbool questions about e – Elahi Chowdhury.

We specialize in working with the joint development of a high-level monitoring with regard to the harbor.