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To deal with climate risk
The grant money is bisbabyankasaha 6 of 74
Staff Correspondent, said banlameila2 4
Wed, 27 Feb, 2013 02:32 PM

Dhaka: Bangladesh bisbabyankasaha 6 donor agencies to address climate change risks, the grant is 74 percent. In Bangladesh, the government and donors are signed in 1.

Wednesday afternoon e banlanagare NEC – the conference on behalf of the Government of Bangladesh and the World Bank on behalf of the Economic Relations Division of the Office of the Secretary arustu Salman Zahir director in charge of the grant agreement.

The project covers the coastal and mountain areas, degradation of forests, afforestation of the area and the area of ​​climate change in the public long to adapt the activities to be taken to create relevance.

The project is under the Ministry of Environment and Forests Foundation, the nine coastal districts of the Forest Department and the wild period of 016 to 013 will be implemented.