Is This Climate Change!?

image_991Continuous rain caused flooding in the next few days, at least 60 people have been killed. There are 50 people still missing. Landslides, as well as hundreds of homes were submerged. Uttarakhanda at least 40 states, Himachal and Uttar Pradesh in the deaths of 5 people in the state-controlled TV news agency. Hundreds of buildings have been damaged and a half uttarakhande building was entirely flooded. Punyarthi more than 60 thousand due to flooding of their yatrabirati. Banyasrsta saharanapura district of Uttar Pradesh in the accident 15 people were killed. Land in Himachal Pradesh kinnaura province collapsed at least 15 people were reported death.

Uttarakhandera officials, last Saturday night, starting from the rain has continued over the past two days. The sudden flood in the state in which nearly 40 people were killed. Seven are still missing. Hundreds of homes were submerged. Click landslide occurred. Uttarakasi roads and bridges and water, some of the wind out of camoli. Many yabahana stationery and a helicopter were flooded with water. Meteorological Department said last month the 88-year rainfall record broken. Source: Times of India, BBC Online