Administration of corruption

2196_1Padma Bridge corruption charges in the world, the former Communication Minister Abul Hossain yarayantrera evidence of corruption, it will convict him. For further investigation of the case will be added for the conditional. The Anti-Corruption Commission – ACC chairman Golam Rahman.
According to the ACC, the initial search for information – data and dalilika satajanake convict based on evidence the case was filed. ACC currently operates in the following investigation. Further investigation of the ACC is a member of the Canadian team last May. In response to media reports, the World Bank said, the Expert Panel of the World Bank has said that we have already explained. The main points of the report of the former Communications Minister Abul Hossain did not convict. We have definitely had their objections. He added that the government was accused Hossain data – the data returned. The data – the data to get the best work.


But nature is not a simple process

Lp_kumerur-borofSouth Pole Ice Shelf namadhari Melting ice floating in the conclusions reached by scientists that sea ice selphagulo Melting the body below the water.
Ice Shelf or ‘ice shelf’ is the key to any other type of Melting ice over the water to flow into the sea at the coast. Ice Shelf and the South Pole, Greenland and Canada are available. Ice Shelf in a hundred, a thousand meters from the density may be.
The sea water temperature has risen as a result of global warming and the melting of the Antarctic Ice selphagulo floor, and published in the journal Science has samiksatite. Ice shelf from the bottom of the ice melts, it has long been known to scientists. Terminology is called ‘besala melta’, ie ‘foundation
From the neck. However, I was getting about that or iceberg aisabarga Ice Shelf broke the ice shelf due to a lack of snow melt from the floor.
I find the whole idea that scientists widely watched, the ice shelf ice galache, the larger part of the story coming from the shelf. The ice galache more. Statistics say: It is from 003 until 008 years 1,3 and 5 trillion from the Antarctic Ice selphagulo lose kilograms of ice from the ice besala melta or bottom of the neck. Aisabarga the iceberg compared to what they would lose 1.008 trillion kilograms of ice per year. The evidence is clear that the ice shelf to ice galache floor.
But nature is not a simple process, is not easy. Overall, such as the Antarctic Ice Shelf area, with two-thirds of the three subrhat Ice selphake, all of them, but only 15 percent of the total besala meltera responsible for. The more that Ice selphagulote besala melta happening, they spread the whole South Pole.
Okhanei puzzle is complete. The speed of the surface lining of the Antarctic losing ice, ice from the ice galache selphagulo at her twice. The answer to the puzzle is simple: since the bottom of the ice shelf, the ice-sided neck are. The ice shelf ice-ending neck that selphata are small, do not have to. The main part of the white of the himarasi can fill the gap again.
The survey was developed, but it is something to consider that, in some parts of the Antarctic Ice selphagulo the early galache and the resulting white glaciers, even the whole mahadesatara dharaprakrti going to change. Just say that 60 percent of the world’s total water stock panayogya have white lining on the inside of the ice. Source: didabliu