Administration of corruption

2196_1Padma Bridge corruption charges in the world, the former Communication Minister Abul Hossain yarayantrera evidence of corruption, it will convict him. For further investigation of the case will be added for the conditional. The Anti-Corruption Commission – ACC chairman Golam Rahman.
According to the ACC, the initial search for information – data and dalilika satajanake convict based on evidence the case was filed. ACC currently operates in the following investigation. Further investigation of the ACC is a member of the Canadian team last May. In response to media reports, the World Bank said, the Expert Panel of the World Bank has said that we have already explained. The main points of the report of the former Communications Minister Abul Hossain did not convict. We have definitely had their objections. He added that the government was accused Hossain data – the data returned. The data – the data to get the best work.