As Because,they (WE) are THIEF OF THE WORLD.

imagesBADC(Bangladesh) hundreds of crores in everything
Layekujjamana: the BADC at the end of the hundred million dollar project that brings the ultimate in looting a house. Government to krayaniti, competitive tender process, with the exception of people like kartadera iupibhisi BADC irrigation department has decided to purchase pipe. Without having to call for competitive tenders have been rejected again. BADC more hundreds of billions iupibhisi pipe is purchased. 1 year for irrigation development has been the target of a 0 million dollar purchase of pipe. The pipe would have bought this prajektagulote ekaneke allowed to call open tenders. The non-governmental organization with the authority of the parent BADC yogasajase open bid process was found in the direct purchase plans. If implemented, this plan will take billions of BADC hatiye some unscrupulous officials. The newspaper has published a tender notice in the BADC panasi projects. BADC senior project director of the authority was forced to cancel the tender.
BADC’s various projects (pipiara – and 008) exposed through the competitive bid process at the tender throughout the country have purchased. In the case of the BADC is to save a huge amount of money.
Was, BADC authorities and various car parts makers in Gazipur Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory and buy directly from a non-governmental organization working pamyatara, who do not have any experience making iupibhisi pipe. Pipe joint venture with the producers of the show made the papers were submitted. But in the case of a joint purchase directly from pipiara bhencarera have no rules. Pipiara the 008 – the direct purchase of the cases mentioned, the ‘no free Contests avoid or specific persons, suppliers and contractors discrimination in the favor of displaying this method shall not be.’ The pipiare mentioned that, ‘the darapatradatara close Call for proposals and the selection shall be worth bearing with the darapatradatara may nigosiyesana. ‘
The BADC pipiare policy ignores the hope of personal benefit at the cost of billions of losses to open the bid process is direct purchase pamyatara said. The purchase price of this project is exposed to jipipite. ECNEC except for the change in policy is that there is no chance.
According to sources, the company is in Gazipur, who is in PVC pipe producers, providing them with the work of the commission is going to trade and work with the government billions of uccamulye pamyatara to lopata is – a written complaint to the Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, BADC’s ceyaramyanasaha submitted to the authorities concerned parent of a person sanksubdha.
The production and delivery of pipes iupibhisi associated with the National Institute of Polymer, eoyana polymers, polymer and Maxwell parateksa inanjiniyarim – speaks with the authority of, bienadisi open bids directly to the mysterious ways of trying to buy some dishonest officials at the Department of .
All projects in the current fiscal year BADC total 1 0 iupibhisi pipe crore in the purchase. In the case of direct purchase procedure, the BADC will total 14 billion losses, which madhyasbatbabhogi and the authorities will be expected to pocket a few people, officials said.