In The Border Of Mengrove ……

01Bamsajhariya the border of the forest ksudhe kalindira game. May be potential tourist
Kaliganj (Satkhira), 0 June: India – Bangladesh border agents to determine the name of a river kalindi. In the wake of the kalindi nayanabhirama mini-game manomugdhakara and beautiful forests. Kaliganj 7 miles away from the headquarters of the build-up of natural forest in the name of the mini bamboo forest jhariya. Banati clever surrounded by the river. Almost 1 acre of land in a wide range of beautiful banati. This may be attractive for people bamsajhariya banati pipasu space travel. I have a beautiful forest trees, the trees Byne, keura trees, teak trees, various species of plants, including trees karai. There are several types of forest in the Bay of color – color of birds. Bamsajhariya going to start in the autumn woods, the birds call tinge kakunite face of noise is prescribed Mercy for Himself birds. The estimated 19 bamsajhariya mouzas almost 1 in 6 acres of land in Kaliganj the delivery of cross-border rivers is kalindite. 15-16 years later, in the early 1945’s up to the chest and a large shelf enadira. Carati bamsajhariya is known as Char. The normal way is caratite gajage various tree species. Bangladesh and the neighboring Indian state forest land both countries claim 70 decades. And fisheries in the late 70 carati took up nearly 8 kih Mr. sbikarera convenience of the dam. Bandhupratima The two countries are to prevail in the excitement. In 1978, a new face on the situation udbhurda dili ¬ B, D, R and B, S, F, is the general manager of the meeting. The idea is that as long as the joint border survey between India and Bangladesh will not end until the dispute can not claim the ownership of the forest. 35 years out of the meeting but did not complete the survey of the boundaries of the joint border. The bamsajhariya, maukhali, dyamaraila and kharami the boy and the bamsajhariya brddhara carera forest land resources in Bangladesh, India ecarati unreasonable demands which will be proved at the Bangladesh border survey of bamsajhariya banabhumimiti œ dont believe them. Niladumura 7 badara card Bangladesh BGB Subedar bamsajhariya biopira bamsajhariya The Pirate and the lawn can not be the target of an exciting paristhita. The Indian Fish sbikari between the woodcutter tried to enter an invalid in the BGB in the sarbaksanika tatparataya they can not cope. Jhariya bamboo forest area already pretty much duraduranta ksudhe nayanabhirama from the audience came to see. This initiative was officially known as tourist sights, including the public treasury obtain additional money can be. Aware of the demands of the local people and tourists visiting ebanatira subidharte Hotel – Motel and Restaurant of the tourists will be interested.