The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

218px-Mudflat_and_clouds_in_SundarbanslawachoraThe International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)Doing nathing for “Save Haritage/Mangrove Sundorbon”
The Coal Power Plant Will Build Up.
It is a human disaster. As a result of the acquisition of 8 acres of land in 1830 dhani family will be evicted. Rampaul employment may be at the center of the top 600 people, refugees, and the action will result in almost 7 500 families. But, we have a couple of crores every year haraba agricultural production.
It’s no harm to the environment. Kayalabhittika any other power projects that are likely to .
In a survey conducted in the United States, the country’s total carbon dioxide in the 010 – oxide 81 percent of udagirana kayalabhittika projects, of which only 41 percent of the total energy was found. In all countries of the world to be careful of is the kayalabhittika projects.
Recently, to avoid this kind of project, I was more cestatai. Each of the 500 MW power project to generate approximately kayalabhittika. Billion gallons of water are needed. Rampal project will meet the animal is undoubtedly the Nile River. Salt water and fresh water animal river and mangrove forests to maintain a balance between the needs of a particular role. This naditira connection with the whole region, including the overall biodiversity. This field is a very important settlements in the Nile River. But we’re going to build this project using the river astitbakei phelachi endangered.