China – South Asia eksapajisana and forums. !?

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Was held from 10 June to 6 ‘1 st kunaminye China China – South Asia eksapajisana and forums. China for the first time in this country eksapajisana and forums as well as the theme of the nominated. The purpose of this forum was in China and Southeast Asia in the new strategic, economic, and social communication strategy and policy. The significance of this is eksapajisanera, the South Asian countries to establish a close relationship with the Chinese multidimensional.
China – South Asia eksapajisanera high-level official delegation, a business delegation, South Asia, Think tank leaders, cultural groups, and civil society representatives attended. This was a significant part of the forum eksapajisana and China – South Asia Conference of Think Tanks Forum. All the countries of South Asia, this conference was attended by leading cintakera. Note that in the current geopolitics of the world – political, economic, and social context of South Asia, increasing the importance of the day. The nearest neighbor of South Asia as well as China’s strategic partner in the region will not be back.
Strategic changes that are currently in South Asia, particularly in the United States, Asia, re-balancing ‘-‘s policy in South Asia in terms of land – has a lot of political importance. The 00 million people living in the region. The largest country in South Asia as well as India and China, the world is regarded as an emerging economic power. The outside world that a nuclear-powerful state how many have taken place in the countries of South Asia, India and Pakistan. The Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea in the South Asian countries of this region home against a surface – in strategic locations reached. China’s interests in the region because they have seen lately, Pakistan and Sri Lanka goyadara hambanatotaya the port has been set up. Some Indian strategic thought the name was “Muktar beads. China is the creation of the Indian Ocean, its adhipatyabalaya Muktar I would like a different place, is surrounded by naubandara. According to many, it is a continuation of their vision to the next port of Myanmar and Bangladesh in Chittagong port side sitaoye. However, the need to specifically mention that the current world is the emergence of the new energy, the de facto head of the competition is going to be the Indian Ocean.
Meanwhile, the Indian Navy as a sign of the development of the strategic competition and the Indian Ocean are marks of their strong positions. United States and allied countries to strengthen their position in the Indian Ocean has been to continue to take concrete steps. For example, 007 in the United States Navy and the four Allied countries, such as India, Australia, Singapore and Japan malabara a large navy in the Indian Ocean – the trial, which the Navy – the first of two aircraft carrier groups location. Note, this trial has not been invited to China after the Chinese strategic thinkers and their writings are referred to strengthen their position in the Indian Ocean and the Indian Ocean on no account ‘Indian Ocean’ can not be given. This is caused by the current southern esiyamukhi strategic understanding of China as part of this initiative is going to be a series of activities. The result is a significant strategic communication with China in South Asia. Note that in this region of China, South Asia is one of the attractions of the place samudrabandara can be designated as the port is not only economic but also having more samarikabhabeo may be necessary.
Economic and trade in South Asia has a huge interest in China. Let’s just think of India. In the 005 China – India bilateral trade was around 10 billion dollars, 75 billion dollars this year, which is beyond. They are expected, the 015 will exceed $ 100 billion in bilateral trade. However, it is not expedient that the South China esiyamukhi policy of the country. The security of the United States from China competing. So with that challenge in South Asia is not in the ring, he said China is taking the initiative and strategy. I would never do the same in China as well as countries in South Asia that would infringe on its impact. However, it is not a new issue, but China in the region and reaffirmed its strategic location enables a variety of strategies for taking. In addition to these things, the importance of the region has been in China recently after taking office, Prime Minister Lee kekiyam his first foreign trip as the South Asian countries of India and Pakistan to choose. The visit to China by the push of a joint venture caturpaksika and economic development, such as economic cooperation, sub – regional groups and the establishment of a new economic development mentioned. The thoughts Bangladesh, China, India, and consists of miyanamara bisiaiemerai a new reflection. China’s new economic corridors in the region through the initiative to establish the role of an entrepreneur and the venture is going to take the opportunity to have an effective contribution, from which we can benefit economically.
Let’s come to the Bangladesh context. The earth – at least not in any of the political importance of China. All of the Earth – has the resources or the location, the most important being the position of the Indian Ocean. The geographical position of Bangladesh, especially around South Asia’s most powerful state in the tradition of China’s important. The most important economic and strategic partner for China, even as he wants, and the other two hockey চিরপ্রতিদ্বন্দ্বী against the United States and India in the region to create a strong position. It can be seen from a consideration of the economic aspects, the main trade partner of China. Bacharao in trade between the two countries increased by 37 percent. China as a country that for decades has chosen the amadanipradhana state. Even China has already provided the quota free access a variety of products. China’s relations with the military in any part of the country is lagging behind.
Bangladesh is one of the main countries of South Asia, China, from which all military facilities have. And 01 in China and Bangladesh, the defense cooperation agreement, signed at the military training. Reports from various sources that the Bangladesh Navy Submarine will be added very soon, it will be very likely to purchase from China. Even though it is not affected by the internal and foreign policy of India (Department of Foreign Affairs in the newly published report on anti-terrorism activities, according to the country) and Russia’s arms purchase agreements with regard to our close relations with China in the light of cleft cited expert opinion is started, the He was in favor of any of these memoranda nameni yet. Recently observed a significant step in maintaining relations with China, but with China’s existing exchange – providing that relationship, it did not change radically.
When considering the overall situation in South Asia is China’s continued interest in the economic life of the people, but it will also help maintain regional peace and stability. In particular, the balance of power in South Asia samastika issues bharatakendrika because etadancale is often not possible to maintain. The principles of this region of interest is determined. The way to come out of South Asia in China, this new policy will contribute to efficient enterprise sturdy. China is already taking place as SAARC observer countries had virtually no active role in the creation of opportunities that were offered. It’s going to be, this new initiative in China, China will be able to create and direct the location of China – South Asia will be unveiled on the door to the possibility of a new multi-lateral relations.