Environmental Disasters On Earth

waterEnvironmental disasters
13 0 MW a year Sundarban bidyutakendra kayalacalita heat the air emissions of toxic chemicals is a calculated (estimated) to be shown pareh
The 6000 tons of sulfur dioxide yaesida rain original controller, and 65 0 of nitrogen oxides in the acid rain is and chemical fog of the controller, 9.6 million tons of carbon dioxide, 1300 tons of small particles (harmful chemicals added), 57 tons hydrocarbon, 518 thousand tons of chemical weep, arasenika 585 pounds, 96 pounds of lead, 10 pounds of cadmium, and radioactive substances like uranium with. The temperature of the waste gases emitted from the chimney height of 75 meters will be 1 of 5 degrees Celsius. The temperature will be around. Sundarban animals – birds, plants on the ultimate impact. This is due to the thermal power stations likely to absorb demonstrate the Sundarbans. Cyclone sidare the whole of the flat earth bamciyechila the Sundarbans. This forest is very easy to absorb when any natural disaster to hit the hanabe flat earth.
As a result of the acquisition of 8 acres of land in 1830 dhani family will be evicted. Rampaul employment may be at the center of the top 600 people, refugees, and the action will result in almost 7 500 families. But, we have a couple of crores every year haraba agricultural production.
Lots of water is needed to produce electricity at kayalabhittika project. Rampal project will meet the animals from the Nile River. Salt water and fresh water balance of the river animals keep their special role. This nadatira connection with the whole region, including the overall biodiversity. But this project was to create a river that has been endangered astitbakei.
Sundarban goods and equipment to build power stations will be transmitted through the river. Nadisasanera need for transportation. Nadisasanera the water will ghola. Increased movement of vessels, oil discharge, sabdadusana, lighting, waste emissions, especially in the Sundarbans eco-system of the Royal Bengal Tiger, Deer, Dolphin, on the harmful effects of mangrove forest. Nadisasana If you do not properly oil – contaminated water must be disposed of grija . The river riparian mangrove forest animals that have rows that will cut jeti nirmanasaha a variety of reasons.
Serious environmental pollution caused by coal-based power plant typically stored in the forest, and settlers from 0 to 15 km of the coal power plant construction is approved. The proposed 13 MW Rampaul 0 Coal Power project is just 14 km away from the beautiful forests of the Sundarbans, which is around 10 km enabhairanamentali Critical Area (ECN), 4 km away from the safe, as has been claimed. But the Indian enatipisi the Sundarbans in the Power Center to build on the bharaterai Wildlife Protection Act, 197 and, according to the center 15 km radius of any tiger / elephant conservation areas, biodiversity is important for forests, national parks, wildlife sanctuary, or any other protected forests Must not have.
This project is the final space, land acquisition and construction of the power plant after the contract signing all done, the environmental impact of construction, survey and public opinion has been sought on the site of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, which is ridiculous final.

The proposed coal-based power project in Madhya Pradesh Indian companies enatipisira Indian Environment Ministry has rejected. They said, “power projects proposed for the area is arable land, which is not at all acceptable for the project. The Narmada river water from the project for 3 kiuseka dragging is not realistic for the project. Salpata agricultural land, near settlements, water salpata, considering the environmental impact of this project is to be canceled. ”

Liability of the
Sundarban environment threatened by pushing the responsibility to create ramapale heat bidyutakendra bootlicker of U.S. imperialism in India. Indian interests, the interests of the sbaghosita bikiye patriotic She .1996 of 1 December with a 30-year term of the Awami League government signed the Ganges panibantanera Assam. The March of 1 006 in the prevention of trafficking in illegal drugs and nesajatiya products and 007 products in the two countries under the Agreement of 6 June and the agreement of the two bhaotabajira p. The Awami League, B n P, Jamaat-e-Islam, one of the party all the time. It’s a massive repression on the people in power. The interests of the people of the world imperialist system does not take into account the interests of the tabedara prabhudera ruling party. They came to power in the early prahasanera.
The selection of the Americas – the interests of the game. P is the servant of the Awami League and the NBA. Coming ahead of the election, the Awami League government of India has achieved the pressure of his interests., And the way the country is going through the finish. This will make him win the election. Patriotism or the interests of the people they pinpoint.
The project is complete agreement with India Rampal, Sundarbans devastating arthanaitikabhabeo the agreement is not profitable at all, the agreements ensure that the Suggestions! Only one way to ganapratirodha, has been forced to flee the ganapratirodha Asia enarjike patatari wrap phulabari from coal, the ganapratirodha Airport ariyala bill to establish a life – living in devastating plot against the ganapratirodha gave birth kanasata phenomena, we need to ganapratirodha ramapale.

Consumption of the state and the collapse of the coup was necessary to establish the state and the constitution.