Earth Destroy Project In South Asia (1)

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Bangladesh/Hindustan(Coal Power In Haretage)
Rampal in Bagerhat district, an area of ​​the Sundarbans .335.46 square kilometers in this area because it is located near the geographical importance and the maritime much. They have the attention of Rampal. 0 Rampal thermal power stations in the building for the final agreement signed with India Hall. The agreement was signed by the three – a joint venture agreement, the implementation of the Agreement and the Power Purchase Agreement. Their 011 – Sheikh Hasina’s visit to India in January during which a memorandum of understanding between the two countries, cooperation between the two countries on the basis of power and had to run. The ramapale kayalabhittika build power stations in 01 of 9 January tharamala Power Corporation of India (enatipisi) agreement with the Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB).
A matching agreement

Rampal thermal power project, consisting of representatives of the two countries Bangladesh – India Friendship Power Company has been formed as a company .. The implementation of the project will be jointly kayalabhittika enatipisi and the PDP 13 of 00 crore. The total cost of 30 percent of the three thousand 960 crore will be spent in the PDB and the Indian companies will each invest 15% of the. 9 of the remaining 70 percent or 40 percent will be funded through debt, which will be collected from enatipisi various banks and donor agencies. Them without having to invest only 15% of the projects will be 85% malikanai enatipisi ‘s.
The agreement did not set the sale price of electricity produced. What is the state of the PDP and PDP enatipisi agreement before the purchase price, how much will the price of coal as a fuel to these issues, but they are not finalized. PDP in the state of pre-study for determining the price of electricity to enatipisike said. Enatipisi the pre-survey at the end of the first PDP 14 per unit price of electricity and the cost of punahpraka study was 8.55. I do not like being the one without the power to determine the value of the purchase decision is taken to deal with. However, after making the total cost of power per unit for the production of electricity and fuel price adjustment has been decided to fix the price of electricity. It is essentially an Indian power plants, which can reduce the price of electricity kinabeebam it is nothing more than well equipped with large sums of money Indian companies will profit everything! In accordance with the provisions kayalabhittika power per unit of electricity produced from one liter of oil required per unit of electricity, but the two-liter oil enatipisi claims. Enatipisira comply with this unjust claim to take the huge financial losses to be rising.

Rampaul generating electricity from the power of the profit that will be sold in India and Indian companies can engage the company for 10 years with a mean of karareyata facility. This karareyata facility with the loss of hundreds of millions of people in the Indian government has paved the way for lunthanera.