India’s Interest Will Destroy The Heritage And Mangrove!!

image-13476Our unique symbol of the tiger and mangrove(rampal). The surprise of the Bengal Tiger in the Sundarbans of habitats. The forest life – one of the unique nature of the reservoir. The build-up of species biodiversity in the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest. Sahabasthanera people around the world with the ever invent a new way of being right on the threats that exist in the Sundarbans of India and Bangladesh are going to make a huge Rampal kayalabhittika 13 0 MW project.

Coal is the worst of the Common jbalanigulora. Over a hundred years of continuous use in the coal dusane storm across the globe – Bore – drought, tsunamis – Katrina – Sidr – AILA everyday now. Sidr in Bangladesh – AILA’s life and yet we did leave the wound. This Sidr – AILA, the limit would defy the imagination of the Sundarbans certainly did not become a barrier damrata citiye natural fury. This Southern-sundarabani ‘if you do not interfere in the southern edge of dhbansalila be saved until the end. The Sundarbans is not only our natural raksakabacai. It only take 5 million lives and livelihoods. The Sundarban Sundarban dusane etasaba fit to ignore the constant environment of continuous losses without a remedy, it is not just a kilometer away from the eyes of the Sundarbans thuli pariye leads kayalabhittika ramapale going to be the center of power.

Rampaul already forced evictions of families from the 4000 acquisition of 1834 acres of fill soil has been started. The two-year project to implement the decision, the company completed the acquisition of the land and the people are illegally Environmental Audit Report (iaie) was released earlier this year. This is Sundarban iaie in the environment – and to ignore the surroundings of the project yenatena prakatabhabe appear to have been advocated.

Rampaul has been in the business partner of the project. According to the agreement Bangladesh – India is a joint investment of 30 percent. Bharaterai 70 percent of the bank loan to Bangladesh uccasude. The projects in the Indian capital equipment business, the company said. India at the end of the Business Tax Holiday. The electricity produced will buy the Indian authorities set harei. Only 15 percent of the electricity Rampal investment projects in the Indian adhipatyabada be established. All liability for damage will be borne by the banladesakei. In accordance with the agreement of both the business and the profits will be divided into two equal.

In fact, just 9 km distance from the project area in the Sundarbans, the government is promoting the distance of 14 kilometers. According to the guidelines bharaterai iaie creature – the importance of diversity in an area of ​​5 km around the power plant is set up. This means that India lives in accordance with the laws of your country – the Destroyer could not think of a project – the ultimate crisis bharatai the menu has evolved into a business associate of the profits Rampaul to eat molasses.

1 of 600 MW capacity coal power plant in Texas was established almost 30 years ago. This is the power center of the Acid Rain continued dusane ashes astarane prakatataya 48 km across thousands of oak, pekana, elm trees were already die. This is in the center of a power plant in the garden artificial dusane gachalira pathetic state – but only 9 kilometers away in the dense Sundarban dusane Rampal project that within the next 10 to 15 years will be lost Experts are concerns, it is not exaggeration at all.

Any project that uses technology to prevent pollution at the end of it, but I think they are from. Increased use of technology in the profit dhope not teke, the pollution preventive equipment is also available until the end of production. 13 MW power plant at Rampal to be 0, so the spread 14 tons of toxic sulfur dioxide, 85 tons of nitrogen dioxide, 600 tons of ash in the Sundarbans to make sure that there is no doubt that people will call.

If the level is dhareo optimistic that the project is too expensive pollution preventive measures to be taken, accountability culture, with Rampaul project will start in the center, but still in the deepest part of the required 47 million tons of coal in the Sundarbans will be transmitted through. Tani tani laitareja bulk carrier ship in the world of bacharabyapi anagona, intense sound, the ship can be read cuiye oil, coal bhanga pieces, lanes tremendous surge in the Sundarbans ikosesteme dhabansatmaka not leave any doubt about it, the consequences will call.

Development of the Sundarbans, held the first victims of the devastating murder of her sapamari katakhali, kaigaradasakati, kapasadanga, baserahula maujasaha Rampal family of 4. Forced them to be without foundation soil has been stripped of the land of rice and cow shed. It covers 1834 acres per year that was 1300 tons of rice and 600 metric tons of fish – it’s already closed. This project sort of catastrophic family life is broken. They are now refugees. Some of them are very rough dinamajuri dinanipata saharamukhi keuba in the slums are being forced to choose life.

Rampaul to ensure the destruction of the Sundarbans is an expert in the corridors percent are concerned. Different interpretations – analysis, meetings – Seminar ‘is being made at the moment. But the ruling class kumbhakarnera bhanchei not sleep. We’ve seen them from time to time to protect the Sundarbans ‘gayebi’ staff. The initial project under the supervision of the army was to immerse myself in my work.

Rampal at the end of the Sundarbans sasakagosti as an alternative to trying to pretend. Bhabata that, the development of the ‘Sundarbans’ take bidyuti. In modern times we use the limited resources sustha hajarata affordable way to produce electricity. The build-up of the evolution of the Sundarbans, the only one of us. The project was completed in ensuring the destruction of the Sundarbans Rampal ..