The country will cancel the contract !?

Revocation of Power of altimetama lammarcera Rampal:
The country will cancel the contract –
Rampal thermal power plants in India and the joint venture agreement, the cancellation of a post with altimetama oil – gas – coal mining and power – Ports of said committee, it will be lammarca Rampal direction.
The VIP Lounge of the National Press Club organized by Save the Sundarbans, Sundarbans save Rampal thermal power plants are closing the issue is announced at the meeting.
The oil – gas – coal mining and power – Ports of the National Committees, the Secretary of the anu Muhammad said, ‘4 September Rampal thermal power plants placed on the Dhaka Rampal until lammarca the oil – gas – coal and electricity – Port Protection Committee . ‘
The BNP standing committee member Dr. Main Abdul Khan, Rampal-fired power plants in the country will be cancel. He fired power plants to install the Sundarbans is not only harmful, it is harmful to people all over the country. If we do not die instantly destroy the Sundarbans, but dhumke dhumke die. ‘
He said, ‘Rampal of the deal were not revealed. The names of the charade that was the agreement. The fake certificates showing the toxic coal will be imported. The electricity will be produced by the destruction of the environment, the electricity price will buy twice. Coal-Mines-300x200Anu Professor Muhammad said, setting up the thermal power plants in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh and India is planning to jointly. The National tharamala Power Company (enatipisi) and Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB) and do not worry about the protection of the Sundarbans instantaneously without the agreement of the week. ‘
Anu he said, the government of Bangladesh Rampal sapamari – katakhali maujaya almost the end of 1834 acres of land has been acquired. Which is just 10 km from Sundarbans Away. The paper shows the distance of 14 km. The power of the government to implement the pond filled, carbon emissions, forest ksatigrastakarana, World Heritage ksatigrastakaranasaha local container forest – total five foreign law or is in violation of the Convention. He said he was forced to abort it immediately.
The ramapale 1 of 3 0 MW coal-based power generation capacity for the production of 0 in the three agreements between Bangladesh and India.
Experts say, is not only a financial loss, ramapale coal-based thermal power plants, including the installation of the Sundarbans, Khulna, Bagerhat and Satkhira development adversely affect the biodiversity of the region. The loss of soil fertility in the region will lose regardless of wildlife habitat.
India’s National Institute of National Thermal Power Company (enatipisi) and Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB) jointly implement coal-based power project will cost 13 thousand 00 crore. In other words, 30 percent of the total cost of the PDP and the Indian company will spend 960 billion enatipisi. In other words, each of which 15% will be invested. 9 of the remaining 70 percent or 40 percent will be funded through debt, which enatipisi will collect from various banks and donor agencies. 85% of the electricity projects will malikanai enatipisi ‘s hands.
The price of electricity produced from the project is also a humming sound. Coal imports were not informed about the government clear. Kayalabhittika on the import of electricity produced from these power plants are the experts expressed concern that the price will be much higher.