Another Trap Hold By Indian Forest Commity

The Committee’s review of forest
Letter of Manipur could discount
The Advisory Committee on Forestry (phyaka) groundwater protection scheme did not. The six-member committee to review the proposal and decided to make clearance.
The agents of the Committee of Environment and Forests of the project is to advise the Government of India for setting up of small power stations. Recommending Committee has been implemented in Manipur Manipur and Mizoram states in the groundwater of 78 million trees in the forest will be cut bamsagacha of 7. The large wild animals living in the area would lose. The groundwater in the area of ​​1 557 indigenous families living agents will be evicted. Groundwater in the area of ​​an indigenous group living in which there is no longer anywhere.
The copy of the committee’s decision was sent to the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Committee meeting held on July 11 and 1 six projects were discussed. MW power generation capacity of the groundwater in the project, and three and a half thousand megawatts of production capacity dibam project has the approval of the Committee. The project was identified as a major priority of the two prakalpai.
Of groundwater project was approved on behalf of the highlights of the meeting of the Advisory Committee is to establish the বিদ্যুৎকেন্দ্রগুলো kamabesi the trees are cut. But for a project in the amount of trees that are cut, groundwater quality for more than 100 trees will be cut.
Banabisayaka the National Advisory Committee member Mohammad Firoz Ahmed, also attended the meeting held under the chairmanship of Prof. P. todariya, additional commissioner of the Department of Forestry sriramana Kanti Mishra, MS negi, in juda sribastaba and bake.
If you want to know Forestry of the National Advisory Committee, a member of the muthophone said, the groundwater projects that 78 million trees are cut, the total forest area of ​​Manipur is one – fifth. The power to destroy a lawn, it is logical economic and environmental way.
Earlier in May and 008 in the environmental clearance given to the project from the Department of groundwater. Environment – The Advisory Committee visited the area in a helicopter groundwater environment clearance is recommended.
On behalf of the Government of India in the construction of Tipaimukh dam information is sought. Many of the country’s top-level meeting was called on behalf of the Government of India, tipaimukhe that will not do anything, so all is no damage.
Groundwater projects in India and Bangladesh Joint Rivers Commission discussed more than once. The groundwater from the project – the various research reports and documents have been given to the sources of the Joint Rivers Commission.
The groundwater project is designed to help make the kind of impact that the review of the Water Development Board’s research organization Centre for Environment and Geographical Information Services (siijiaiesa) and the Institute of Water madelinke (aidabliiuema) was responsible. The two research organizations in Manipur have already been studied before June next year, but it’s not going to last.
The Manipur state government with 010 of 8 April haidroilekatrika Power Corporation (enaeicapisi), sutaleja Power nighama Lee. (Esajebhienaela) to set up a hydroelectric power project on the deal. 011 after the October contract is renewed.
tipaimukh-damAfter receiving the certificate of exemption from the Department of the Environment for this project was identified as devastating to the environment and surroundings and celebrate. The project is implemented in the eastern area of ​​Sylhet and adversely affect adjacent haora. Bidyutkendrera that the reservoir will be constructed, less as a result of the eastern monsoon season. The monsoon season, when the flow of water from the reservoir area will be in the form of devastating floods.