Sundarbans resources are being And Coal

sundarbanSundarbans resources are being
The salinity of the ocean to climate change within the next day Sundarbans The Sundarbans is lacking its natural balance. Losing the beauty. The Sidr, Aila plane injuries, loss of life and livelihood of people dependent coastal Sundarban natural resources is increasing day by day. It gradually becomes the Sundarbans resources.
Satkhira Range of the Sundarbans forest, a large area around the plant was found near lokalayera.
Large and expensive to say the trees in the Sundarbans forest, which is very deep. I can not go back yekhare tiger.
Sthaniyarai short, deep into the woods, I do not think there is oituku resources to survive.
This is one of the world’s largest mangrove forest Sundarbans is the only guard to the Royal Bengal Tiger. These animals have to eat to survive bhayei banajibidera karala have banati. But taking risks in life, and those who work in the forest is the forest department officials.
The south – western part of the supply of natural gas because of the millions of people in the era of era of energy source Sundarbans. Inside and adjacent sea area of ​​Sundarban forest, fish, crab, snail, and the livelihood of a large number of people.
Another way is to create income and ailaya upakulabasidera Sidr affected Sundarban about being more dependent than ever.
However, fishing, wood cutting, including accumulation of honey in the Sundarbans is the day of the 5-30 tralara or boat.
Approval by the Department of Forestry at the entrance of the pass, or license, without neglecting the aniyame banajibira into the Sundarbans. Katache freely trees.
Banabibhagera license or pass it along to those who arrive in the woods, with a pass from the forest products returned several types of products.
The fish or crab to catch up with the news or snails – they just go in search of mussel and fish – crab – the oyster is returned. The trees were cut and the boat or boat came with a restricted float. And they’re phariyara for purchase within the reach of the eye in front of the active banaraksidera.
Sundarbans fish, crab, oysters do not store any of the breeding season as a result of the free – collection. It is a breed less. Fisheries resources are less than that.
Sikarira Sundarban is the biggest enemy of the deer. The number of deer in the woods can be significantly reduced. Crocodile – Turtle – sarisrpa running free in the pranigulorao.
Abul Hossain said the fisherman with the residents of the village syamanagara the kaikhali. His simple confession, “I speak to you through the woods, fishing in the fish house, but it does not pose asali. I fish all the time is not available. So, go fish pass dharati of wood or golapata with gilio is the asati. Can yetukuna oitai of inflection. ”
The work that is being away in the forest. The Sundarbans forest department officials in charge of protecting the front of the eye and even their co-operation in various pacarakaja.
Kaikhali Union fisherman Abdul Aleem said, “pass the small gili (when) it takes some extra cost. Revenue more than the cost of the passes through the forest is Nitin pass from the office. The cost of the forest is the inclination. It is close to the fish in the fish anali not amago. ”
Mansur Ali patakhali the kholapetuya with the draining of the river. He then returned to the boat bhiriye rally Sundarbans. Net of fish from the boat to see some of the items that garana wood Asked whether he would pass, just pass the fish he had six sangisaha forest. But when the time came up with this timber which will travel an estimated weight.
The forest department officials had come to recognize kathagulo held Mansur also said, “nichi for fuel – enough to say that after 1 travel timber forest officers to leave the money in the 300 deche. How long from the forest. This calatiche. ”
Not pass without another trade paper banakartadera given mandate. Kalinci ramajananagara of the fishermen were, however, refuses to pass through the Forest Department officials said some of the money in exchange for access to the forest. Because, they get the full takatai. It is a part of the government from the pass.
At the entrance of the Ministry of Environment and Forests shows that notebooks pens that kayajana it would be incorrect comments were made.
Gabura the mauyala Ibrahim Sheikh said, “The forest is managed by the robbers in the forest officers. It does not matter. But some do not want to manati tiger. I do not know what tenara touch. Oitarai of the forest. ”
I do not want to release mauyala said, “I know the tiger we sit in the honey. 7/8 to 10 drums of honey in the forest of the coming week in the office of the Forest come with 1 drum. With the money. The Sundarbans is stealing rice is karali stomach. ”
The big fear is the fear of the tiger, he said, “It is sometimes said that mayaya it will leave.”
Multiple eventually said, one of the officers in the forest from the forest, there is no profit. Instead, the money supply keeps them happy and forest dakatadera of forest resources including wood banajibidera to steal. ”
Dakatadera down by the Forest Department, the fisherman said, “I will sit on it, but the Department of Forestry in collaboration with the indirect forest dakatara brought into the kingdom.”
However, forest officials denied the allegations. Satkhira Range Forest Officer in charge of kaikhali SOHRAB the banglanews said, “These allegations are not true. Some of the people for the fulfillment of their interests against the forest department to carry out various apapracara. We always try to give the Sundarbans and banajibidera service. ”
Satkhira assistant forest officer tauphikula said, “We kind of fishermen from the forest officials did not have any complaints. It will be taken against the perpetrators. ”
They are reluctant to release the name of the Employee said, “that we have safety equipment that can not be overcome by the robbers. If they had swept over us with our fish that Coote, but I know it will come. ”
He also said, “All irregularities will be closed if the forest is to be passed. Increasing the number of people that care about tiger woods, tiger ll bhayei tiger in the forest will be lost. Baghai robbers could save the fishermen from the Sundarbans.