The coastal zone of South east asia

seasia_ranfrst_location_mapThe coastal zone of Bangladesh
2.1 Coastal boundary
Bangladesh, a flood plain delta, is
a land of rivers and canals. The
country is sloping gently from
the north to the south, meeting the Bay of Bengal at
the southern end. The whole coast runs parallel
to the Bay of Bengal, forming 710 km long coas
tline (CZPo, 2005). According to the coastal zone
policy (CZPo, 2005) of the Government of Bangladesh,
19 districts out of 64 ar
e in the co
astal zone
covering a total of 147 upazillas
(Figure-1) of the country. Out
of these 19 districts, only 12
districts meet the sea or
lower estuary directly.
Figure-1: Coastal zone of Bangladesh (Source: Islam, 2004)
The zone is divided into exposed and interior coast according to the position of land. The upazillas
that face the coast or river es
tuary are treated as exposed coas
tal zone. Total number of upazillas
that fall on exposed coasta
l zone is 48 in 12 distri
cts. A total of 99 upazilla
s that are located behind
the exposed coast are treated as interior coast.
The exposed coast embraces the sea directly and is
subject to be affected highly
by the anticipated sea level rise.
Upazilla is small administrative unit of Bangladesh (sub-district).