Oil- Gas – port of the National Committee Meeting Bangladesh

mangrovepic1Oil- Gas – port of the National Committee Meeting : in order to prevent the construction of the Sundarbans to save electricity ramapale
Bagerhat ramapale devastating coal -based thermal power project in the Sundarbans World Heritage national interests that will resist any price . Bagerhat Press Club yesterday afternoon held a meeting to discuss the oil – gas – coal mining and power of the National Committee convenor Engineer Sheikh Muhammad Shahidullah said .
He also spoke at a meeting of the Central Committee and secretary of the central and local leaders muhammadasaha anu . The speakers at the meeting the demand for coal -based thermal power projects during the next 4 to 8 starting from September to participate in the Long March and urged people to Desh .
Oil – gas – coal mining and power – Ports of Bagerhat district branch of the national organizing committee, presided over the meeting held in Bagerhat district branch of the caller ranajit Chattopadhyay . The professor spoke at a discussion anu , ruhina the Prince , bajalula Rashid Firoz , roaring wave Mustafa , Farrukh Hassan said Jewel .
The speakers criticized the government , not the interests of the whole thing a secret deal with irregularities and illegally through the implementation of the project has begun . They are adjacent to the Sundarbans area of the acid rain program is implemented through the environment , agriculture , matsyasaha the damaging effect of the terrible opinion of experts has said.
The speakers at the meeting , the Forest Act or lokalaya from 5 kilometers to the provisions of any such power , but that the state-owned National Power Corporation tharamala country, just 9 km away from the Sundarbans Sundarbans, the Destroyer of this project . Where the Prime Ministers of India and Bangladesh to work together to protect the Sundarbans was declared , through this project, the two countries have taken the initiative together with the destruction of the Sundarbans .
With the local population against the suicide of the speakers said . This meeting locals for a comprehensive awareness of the loss of this project is to promote and statist