Mangrove Sundarbans Rampal Analysis (1)

1359945448The environmental impact of the construction of the coal power plant near Sundarbans Rampal iaie Analysis
The final execution of the project, land acquisition and construction of the power plant , and all the work done after the signing of the environmental impact of coal power plant construction or imapekta Environmental Assessment ( iaie ) and ask for the public ‘s opinion is tamasai ! But this was a terrible joke with the people who set up a power plant in Bangladesh which is not only one of the world’s natural resources are very near the Sundarbans , is located in the dangerous range . Rampaul coal power stations for the land acquisition order is 010 of 7 December , the Indian company enatipisira with the PDP joint venture or a joint investment agreement is 9 January 01 at the the 013 in January “Final Report on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of 2 × (500-660) MW Coal Based Power Plant to be constructed at the location of Khulna ” in the center of the coal iaieti oyebasaite fitting PDP has been to seek the opinion of 15 February 013 . The final execution of the project without clearance from the complete removal of the investment environment and the acceptance of the license for the purpose of this question is iaiera .

Serious environmental pollution caused by coal -based power plant typically stored in the forest , and settlers from 0 to 15 km of the coal power plant construction is approved . According to the report, the proposed 13 MW iaie 0 Rampaul coal power project is just 14 km away from the beautiful forests of the Sundarbans , which is around 10 km enabhairanamentali Critical Area ( ECN ), 4 km away from the safe, as has been claimed . But the Indian enatipisi the Sundarbans in the Power Center to build on the bharaterai Wildlife Protection Act, 197 and , according to the center 15 km radius of any tiger / elephant conservation areas , biodiversity is important for forests , national parks , wildlife sanctuary , or any other protected forests must not have . The Indian company enatipisike the Sundarbans as agents of the destruction of the environment is to build coal power plant , when to do so would not be in his own country ! The 14 km distance from the Sundarbans is the debate over whether , in fact, a distance of 9 km from the Sundarbans . Iaie in real time in one place in the project area was part of the sundarabanerai , setalara or settlers cut down the forest homeland has :
“The area is about 14 km northeastwards from the Nalian Range of Sundarbans. Once it was a part of Sundarbans but had been evacuated by the settlers. “( Iaie , page 08 )
Whatever the distance whole area of the Sundarbans bastusansthanera intimate with , because it is a sensitive area of 13 0 MW coal power plant to generate large -scale , and the results will be very important in the decision . Environmental impact of the construction of power stations in the thick of the spots , the center of operations for the duration of the power plant ‘s coal transportation impact analysis has been divided into three .