Mangrove Sundarbans Rampal Analysis (4)

981be49847169d5cc5bfc7fd4f44a97eResults for transporting coal through the beautiful forest
Rampaul for coal and imported coal bidyutkendrera will be transmitted through the Sundarbans in ! The Sundarbans through the thousands of tons of coal transport ship traffic throughout the year that will destroy the environment as a whole Sundarbans .
The study of the environment iaie ) , according to the Center Rampaul for 47 million a year in the 0 tons of coal in Indonesia , and South Africa astreliya way to import from the sea . Amadanikrta Mongla ports by ship coal through the Sundarban Rampaul from the center of power should go . Sundarban is the largest ship in the depth of the river is suitable for cattle because of the large coal ship will bring up the Sundarbans Akram , Akram then point the coal shipped from multiple small laitareja manlabandare should go . Hirana points inside the forest for the 30 km river Akram points in the large vessels of up to 59 days and Akram Point about 67 km from the port of Mongla small laitareja ship thousands of tons of coal per year for 36 days to transport !
Samiksatei the environment has been acknowledged , the movement of ships to transport coal through the Sundarbans –
1 ) coal transport ship coal from the powder , broken / pieces of coal , oil , dirt, garbage , ship with a huge amount of contaminated waste water give off the river – the canal – will pollute the soil , including the entire Sundarbans ;
Ii) Akram points inside the Sundarban small ship coal from the ship at the time of move namanora coal powder , crushed coal, water / fall to the ground – the ground into the air into the water – cause air pollution ;
3 ) calacalakari ship dheuye duipasera the arrow will land degradation ;
4 ) Coal and coal transport ship loading – unloading of machinery noise from the night will be ;
5 ) Light the night in search of the ship when the ship disapprovingly of the Sundarban forests , including protected animals – birds jibanacakrera serious adverse effects and so on .
This all results in the transport of coal from the Sundarban describes the studies have been published optimism lanes international law , the law of conservation of the environment in the running , slow-motion movement of the ship , and you do not sound unnecessarily restrict the use of unnecessary light of these terrible Sundarban is the impact on the environment will be minor damages or samanya !
( Source : Proposed Coal Power Station Environmental Rampal study , Impact of coal transportation, transshipment and handling, page 293-294)
Proposed Coal Power Station Rampal iaie brief review of the report is clear from this that , in iaie used the wrong standard , the harmful effects are reduced , in some cases, the magnitude of the loss is not a paryalocanai , ‘ may ‘ , ‘ will be more likely , less chance of ‘ the adjectival use damages the level of light in the vicinity of the Sundarbans in the 13 0 MW coal power plants avoided to the maximum effort , despite still real iaie in power stations to generate , manage and coal transportation in the Sundarbans on the possible adverse effects of all the information out Coal power project , which is proposed to consider the environmental consideration is unacceptable .
In fact , more than a little of the real enatipisirai 13 0 MW coal power station environmental permit has been central to the Green Panel . The 8 October 010 at the The Hindu newspaper published NTPC’s coal-based project in MP turned down or , Madhya Pradesh enatipisira coal -based project was canceled , the news is : populous areas of farmland on the thermal power allowed to be called the Central green panel in Madhya Pradesh tharamala National Power Corporation ( enatipisi ) 0 of 13 MW and an electricity generation project did not allow . But the opportunity to create the enatipisike 13 0 MW power plant is stored in a forest of Sundarban , agricultural land , the local people’s lives – the potential adverse effects on livelihoods that fly in the face .
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