STOP Coal -based thermal power plant IN World’s Largest Mangrove

whats_mangrove5The center of the mangrove ramapale – against the program , Section 144
Update : 1: 54 , September 07, 013
Ramapale coal -based thermal power plant in Bagerhat building – the same place he announced the program for the administration of Section 144 . The eight Saturday morning from 10 am until the phayala Rampal stand wrapped in order to remain in force .
Coal -based thermal power plant at Rampal sapamarite create demand for an end to ‘ protect the Sundarbans National Committee , today at 10 am at the bus stand in the area of human ties and public rallies to phayala that . Rampal Upazila Awami League rally in the same place at the center of the building has to be .
Rampal Upazila Executive Officer ( UNO ) Cheap dot the less said , the law and order situation in the bus stand area phayala Section 144 of the meeting – the assembly has been banned .
Rampaul police officer in charge ( OC ) of Jagannath said Chandra , who has been maikayoge Section 144 . The police deployed in the area .
The Sundarbans World Heritage area sapamari katakhali Rampal and not just a kilometer away from the Government of Bangladesh , Government of India in collaboration with the two coal -based thermal power plant was started up . 0 of 3 MW power generation capacity of the two power stations , one for 834 acres of agricultural land is to be acquired . Sundarban pranabaicitrya to protect the environment and the local people and the environment badira has opposed the government’s decision .


Mangrove Sundarbans Rampal Analysis (2)

4726914819_c8253f16be4660 MW Coal Power Center will have two power units . For 48 months or four years to build the first unit and the second unit by the end of 6 months to 4 years time it will take the excess of the total . During the four and half years across the whole of the Environment, Agriculture , Fisheries and water resources of the country have written on the bottom :

1 ) ramapale 13 0 MW power station for 1834 acres Agriculture , Fisheries farming and residential areas, land acquisition has been , however, the same size for a project acquired land is 79 acres of the most bhagatai one- crop or barren Wasteland . ( Rayagada iaie , Executive Summary , page 1 ) . According to the report, the proposed project area in the center of the iaie Rampal ( 1834 acres ) of agricultural land and 95 percent of 10 km radius around the area ( study area ), 75 percent of the agricultural land where the rate of production of other crops , including rice, shrimp , or the ( page 135 , 194 , 197 , 198 , and 04 ) :

B ) within a radius of the center of the 10 -year 6 , 353 tons and 85 tons of rice produced in the project area 1 ;

B ) In addition to the main power center within a radius of 10 is produced 1,40,461 tonnes of other cereals ;

C ) at an average of 3 / 4 cows, and / mahisa 3 , 4 goats , 1 sheep , hasa 5 , 6 / 7 and poultry keeping ;

D ) The area of ​​mangrove forest, rivers and canals, freshwater and brackish water fish rich database connection to the area . Mesh across the canal and river network of biological diversity and balance . Within a radius of 10 km from the center of the 5 18.66 metric tons per year , and the project area ( 1834 acres ), 569.41 metric tons of fish were produced .

Iaie The project for the construction of power stations in the area ( 1834 acres ) of rice , fish , domestic animals , etc. The product will destroy the optimism that has been expressed , if you follow the proper environment byabasthapana 10 km outside the area will not have any adverse effects ( ) . Although various types of construction works , dredging , has a wide variety of chemical and oil : sarana of animals and maidara the river , connecting the canal , the tide – the tide plabana land area of habitat Fisheries , Fisheries movement and variations may suffer shocks that have been published . ( on page 66 , and 67 )

Ii) the creation of goods and equipment for the center of the river will be transmitted through the Sundarbans . This additional movement of vessels , not oil : sarana , sabdadusana , light , waste not sarana not control the environment in accordance with the laws of the Sundarbans eco- system of the Royal Bengal Tiger , Deer , Dolphin , on the harmful effects of mangrove forest in the iaie have been fear . ( on page 68 )

3 ) for the project byabahrata equipment , vehicles , generators , etc. Burge oil burning will emit harmful carbon dioxide , and nitrogen dioxide . This will be the amount of carbon and naitrojera ksitakara influence or 4 / 5 of what sort of construction will be a review of the report is not iaie .

4 ) use of construction equipment and vehicles will result in noise . The construction phase noise levels and the effect on the environment around the Sundarbans and project it has not been verified in iaie .

5 ) Create the right environment in which various types of solid waste will be generated through the management control of the harmful effects on the environment of fear has been that ;

6 ) a construction crane near the river – water canals, construction machinery and transport oil out of sarita water may cause pollution .

7 ) dredging of the river will ghola . Dredging is not the right way to control the oil grija and give out the river water will be polluted .

8 ) mangrove forest that lines the banks of the river there is an animal that can cut a variety of reasons , including the construction of the building jeti reach any option . Jharera thicket of brushwood to chop off the coast of the birds , especially birds of sarasa and heron colony will be lost .

( Source : Rampaul iaie , Impacts: pre-construction and construction stages,