STOP Coal -based thermal power plant IN World’s Largest Mangrove

whats_mangrove5The center of the mangrove ramapale – against the program , Section 144
Update : 1: 54 , September 07, 013
Ramapale coal -based thermal power plant in Bagerhat building – the same place he announced the program for the administration of Section 144 . The eight Saturday morning from 10 am until the phayala Rampal stand wrapped in order to remain in force .
Coal -based thermal power plant at Rampal sapamarite create demand for an end to ‘ protect the Sundarbans National Committee , today at 10 am at the bus stand in the area of human ties and public rallies to phayala that . Rampal Upazila Awami League rally in the same place at the center of the building has to be .
Rampal Upazila Executive Officer ( UNO ) Cheap dot the less said , the law and order situation in the bus stand area phayala Section 144 of the meeting – the assembly has been banned .
Rampaul police officer in charge ( OC ) of Jagannath said Chandra , who has been maikayoge Section 144 . The police deployed in the area .
The Sundarbans World Heritage area sapamari katakhali Rampal and not just a kilometer away from the Government of Bangladesh , Government of India in collaboration with the two coal -based thermal power plant was started up . 0 of 3 MW power generation capacity of the two power stations , one for 834 acres of agricultural land is to be acquired . Sundarban pranabaicitrya to protect the environment and the local people and the environment badira has opposed the government’s decision .