Another Desert Will Comeing Soon

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According to a study at the Research Institute of the death of thirty . 89 die in the river . Pharakkara continued because of adverse effect . Dredging waterways have dried up because it is not necessary , in the absence of water in agriculture is hindered . Fisheries resources , biodiversity is lost . Water Development Board , and the Research Institute of biaidabliutie sources , the Nile River – dredging the rivers nabyatara need one, its more important than the increase in the flow of the Ganges pharakkaya . The average water flow of the Ganges in Bangladesh , did not get the last forty- aid . The Ganges water -sharing treaty with India , but it has never executed . Three irrigation projects upstream of the Ganges water were lifted hundreds of points pharakka have much less flow . As a result the water was dried cuktimaphika maosume Bangladesh . Joint River Commission meeting is 7 months . Teesta water -sharing agreement, as well as an increase in the flow of the Ganges has become important to talk about . The last meeting of the Joint Rivers Commission, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, the proposed project include haidyama showed interest . Six of the 46 hydroelectric power project will gangaya kiuseka water . The Ganges water flow will increase and the water crisis that has been read abhayabani . These are going to start construction of the project will take two to five years . Will last until at least five years after . The water crisis is acute in Bangladesh told that progress is not possible . The rest of the Nile – rivers are dry . The Research Institute of sources , from 007 in four years , according to the survey conducted in 30 countries from the map of the lost . 89 is going to die in the river . But the two – third of maosume is dry . One – third of the knee and less water . Nadigulote naval moves up a place in the Char closed . The River Nile Research Institute for four years – rivers of the survey . 009 salei Institute and the interactive process aidabliutie urgent study and model the capital dredging and River Training – ‘s plans to take control of the water was recommended . Dead in the Nile River – the river nabya recovery , increased drainage capacity , the government , to determine the direction , the rescue , fisheries resource development and environmental management , sustainable water management in river pratirodhasaha breakdown for the Capital drejinyera 1080 crore for the project to be taken . But the money could not be assigned to work on the project was started . Water Development Board , according to the experts, made ​​in China and 31 percent in the cost of capital dredging and nebhigesanala to route planning . The plan will be implemented in three steps from 0 year . The project will take one year of study to be done . The last three decades of the river – the river dredging waterways nabyata been taken to restore the Corruption . The current government of the importance of the work that has significant quantities . According to the Naval Transport Minister Shahajhan two thousand kilometers of waterways in the current government has been excavated . According to the claim of the waterways in the dry maosume 4 of 4 waterways are suitable for marine traffic . And arthabhabe biaidabliutie dredgers , dredging Water Development Board does not . Padma and Jamuna from the threshold brahmaputrera nunakhaoya Gulam up to 40 km waterways in mining and dam construction , river dredging garai , Brahmaputra , Jamuna and Meghna in Chandpur 495 km is still working to implement mining plans . To prevent breakdown marapholajikyali Yamuna River Study is to keep constant . The implementation of the project will be returned to the river nabya . Naupathaguloo going to be . But it can not dredgers and arthabhabe .