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coal -based thermal power project demanding the cancellation of the bond

ab_sundarban-koylavittik-taThe Sundarbans in Bagerhat coal -based thermal power project demanding the cancellation of the bond
Adjacent to the Sundarbans ramapale dhina construction of coal -based thermal power irregularities and practices bahirbhutabhabe kandra Bagerhat yesterday demanding cancellation of the bond program is being observed . Bagerhat Press Club yesterday celebrated at the front of the sub program . This is the stage name of an organization that organizes science manababandhanera . Barisal Medical College of science, theater convenor of the sub manisa Chakraborti spoke to the president of the organization rumana Engineer Imran Habib , Bagerhat district convenor bright Ghosh , gietama debanatha said . Manababandhane However, India is the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh in his own country, the National Power Corporation tharamala enatipisira of the Project through the building permit , and we are going to create bidyuekandra kayalabhittika in the Sundarbans , which way are not eligible to receive . The Sundarban bidyuekandra the heat generated at the new 9 million metric tons of ash will be produced , which will destroy the environment sundarabanasaha this region .
Moreover, the transport of coal to the coal powder through a forest of wind and water, water and Air pollution happens.
The leaders of the seven -point demand of the Sundarbans raksasaha next 4 to 8 September, the Sundarbans, the direction of the oil – gas – Mineral Resources and Power – Ports of call on the Committee to request lammarca successful