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The base plate is placed at the center of power Rampal kustiyaya
Kushtia bheramaraya widely discussed in Bagerhat electricity Rampal Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the foundation stone tablets .
The 500 MW of electricity import from India during the tour Kushtia bheramaraya for the electricity generated at a power sub- station in the center of the plate with the Prime Minister to inaugurate Rampal said .
The Bheramara 500 MW upakendre and ‘ alliance tharamala Super Power Project , a foundation stone in the center of the blade inauguration of electricity Rampal has done all the preparation .
Ramapalabidyuta the center of the plate with power bheramaraya upakendrera want to know about the inauguration of the Awami League joint – General Secretary mahabuba – banglanews ul- Alam Hanif said , it is the Ministry . However, one of the intelligence agencies of electricity Rampal has confirmed the establishment of the foundation stone tablets .
However , bheramaraya 36 MW combined bicycle India – Bangladesh power transmission lines based on the prastarera at the ceremony by video conference with the Prime Minister of India, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be added .
At the same time the Prime Minister to inaugurate Rampal bidyueta phalakerao the center .
PDP ( design 3) Director of the banglanews nurujjamana have confirmed . Saiful Hasan Chowdhury paridaphatarera director of public relations of the PDP was confirmed .
He said , ” Our goal with the Prime Minister of India, Rampal bidyueta be the center of the foundation . But as busy as the Prime Minister of India, the day may not be available as soon as the project is so Bheramara bidyueta will be unveiled at the plate . ‘
Sapharasuci by helicopter during the quarter at 11 Bheramara Kushtia where the electricity sub- center . After 3 at the Kushtia district Awami League held a meeting at the Government College speech would . The Prime Minister has taken strict security measures kustiyajure Arrivals occasion


One example of the ruthless nature of the contempt power project Rampal

cropped-1328252870_310426720_1-sundarban-tour-by-luxary-mini-launch-santoshpur.jpgOne example of the ruthless nature of the contempt power project Rampal
The world’s largest mangrove Sundarbans National Park and UNESCO declared World Heritage said the best defense .
The boundaries of this reserve is kramasankucita banatira at 0 to 5 people in the death happened . However, locals claim , the number may be much higher .
Stories of death due to a lack of damage to the Sundarbans had to refrain from such activities . But now a new threat is serious for Sundarban . The Sundarbans Environment consternation in the future .
This is a new threat , post 1 of 3 0 MW coal power plant project Rampal . It is just 14 km away from the city Rampal will be built .
India’s state-owned National Thermal Power Corporation, a joint venture with the implementation of this project is planned . The claim , the prakalpatii the only way to meet the needs of the dear in the same area . The area is the one of the poorest elakagulorao .
But opponents claim , the Sundarbans is very environmentally sensitive area of a project to establish a coal power plant , it will bring disaster . The area of ​​the river – trough , canal – water bill and the plants will suffer . It may come down to which disaster pranabaicitryeo . Dolphins living in the river from the threat of extinction is the legendary Royal Bengal Tiger .Moreover, the Sundarbans, the storm – flooding – tidal works as a natural protection walls . Bangladesh in the world map as it is a low-lying area of land and banyaprabana . The Sundarbans is an extraordinary natural disaster destroyed the wall of defense of human life – is living a more serious threat .
Defense committee member of the newly formed Sundarbans roaring wave Wireless engineer said , ” The people have made a conscious realization of such a project can not seem to finish . ‘

However , in order to strengthen their claim birodhira in 1979 in a plant in Texas to create the same kind of environment that came crashing down when it appeared as an example . U.S. authorities claim that the construction of a plant in Texas , it is very much on the area of agriculture will not have a harmful effect . But the claim was later proven false .

In one study of 010 scientists from the report was that 30 thousand tons per year from the plant thick layer of sulfur dioxide are disrupting agricultural production in the whole state of Texas . In contrast, the proposed power plant in Rampal at least 5 thousand tons per year of sulfur dioxide will be thick layer .

Rampal power plant emissions from large amounts of toxic chemicals released to the public in January mulyayanapatreo are accepted . But rather to show the area as environmentally sensitive in general , residential and rural areas’ are shown . The magnitude of the risk of having a thick layer of toxic chemicals in the environment and forests ministry after the project has received clearance .

Critics claim that this decision was the lack of transparency surrounding the project , some basic questions and answers were given . The final result of the project in terms of generating electricity from the benefit and how to reduce waste and pollution levels will be processed to purify water ?

As well as the implementation of a project ‘s paribesagatabhabe serious harm neighboring countries of India, a large part of the funding issue is the widespread suspicion and anger . India ‘s power shortage in the country because there metatei himasima . Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh in India , two of the same kind have been forced to give up in the face of legal restrictions and ganapratirodhera .

Ritu University economist mosahida Sultana said , ‘ It’s hypocrisy . The legal obstacles because they are forced to give up the project . But in other countries , they are in violation of the law . ‘

The first director of the project, and is currently an Advisor Rampaul Azizur Rahman for political reasons in violation of the law, the complaint was denied . He said , generating electricity from oil and gas prices much higher .

Coal produced from the trust to bidyutai . ‘ I do not have any pressure outside . The Government of India in their own right – we are working according to the direction of our own – is follow the instructions . ‘

After seeing a specialist group of the project allows . Of detailed information – databases are open for everyone . Anyone who wants to say it will be delivered at the ajiujara .

He said , ‘ We must be able to control the pollution . In this case we are all set for the following calaba manadandai . ‘

However , the preservation of the environment , the role of the back of the qualms expressed . Due to the uncontrolled management of water stored in the ship threatened . Gathering wood , shrimp enclosure construction and other manabasrsta banancalagulo disaster the country has been constantly shrinking . The Soil Resource Development Institute dhakabhittika ‘s one of the images that came from . They found that , over the last decade almost 50 thousand hectares of forest have been destroyed .

Meanwhile , the government is already in the Sundarban river constituting the border has allowed the creation of a jahajabhanga industry , which is the destruction of the forest area is expected to take a more active role . In addition, toxic substances from industrial emissions of the ship to break the local community life – serious harmful effects on the livelihoods of examples Environment circumspection .

Abdullah Abu filed in the name of protecting the Sundarbans, one of the workers at the lammarcera said , ‘ People are still not aware of the important role of the Reserve banatira . It acts as a natural disaster, a wall of defense and a developing country like Bangladesh sorts of environmental resources and associated still do not understand it . ‘

He said , ‘ That’s a real sense that the only forest is a forest . Now even if we lose our next few generations, the environment will not have any toyakkai . It can be seen that , in choya , and bhalobasa feel that we care about are just that . And it is our nature . ‘