A great agreement of Bangladesh,also india

July 31,ダウンロード exchange of enclaves: the long-awaited end of the 50000 peoplelalmonirhat chitmhoul pic
After a long wait the end of the land boundary between Bangladesh and India was the deal with India to midnight on July 31, exchange of enclaves begins. Monday evening the two countries, the ministry said in the letter.
India’s prime minister Narendra Modi to visit Dhaka in anticipation of the ratification of this information was the time of handing over the two days.
The Indian abhyamantara of 111 Indian enclaves inside Bangladesh and 51 Bangladeshi ardhalaksa at least open the way of salvation.
The 1974 agreement, 011 karyakare protocol for the exchange of letters between the Secretary of State was sent to the Indian High Commission in Dhaka. The letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The letter was midnight, July 31, exchange of enclaves cut off before the start of the final process of joint inspection officials in those two countries will be on the ground.
Due to the need to amend the constitution to exchange land for decades, this issue remained unsettled. The bill passed in the Rajya Sabha of India last May and is badhianasabhaya.
The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi visited Bangladesh on Saturday. Modi’s visit to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Foreign Secretaries of the two countries before the summit document exchange.
There are 111 Indian enclaves inside Bangladesh, 37,000 people live in it. 51 Bangladeshi enclaves inside India’s 14,000. This information is available in 011 of the joint venture in the census.
A total of 51 Bangladeshi enclaves inside India in the area of ​​7.110 acres; The 111 Indian enclaves inside Bangladesh 17.160 acres in size.
Once the agreement of the 51 enclaves (7,110 acres) will be part of India. 111 Indian enclaves (17,160 acres) will be part of.
Of these, 59 districts of Rangpur, Rangpur district 36, district 1 in Kurigram, Rangpur district has 4 Indian enclaves. Under the agreement, the enclave will be able to choose according to their nationality.
More than 10,000 acres of land in exchange for India would, therefore any compensation would not be mentioned in the Protocols.
Under the Protocol of adversely possessed land will be the end of the conflict. The 2777 acres of adversely possessed land to be able to India. The 2267 acres of land, the ownership will be established.