Coconut garden faceing problems

kuakata-beach-680x365Waves of the sea by the beauty of the coconut garden Kuakata crisis. Government silent. This is Bangladesh, Bangladesh ….
Baluksaye the acute crisis facing the big waves, the beauty of Kuakata bardhanakari coconut garden. Komenera storm tide along the moon-purnimara jote rise gradually by the waves of the sea, the coconut is dissolved in the stomach baganaagami in two or three years of its existence could not be found. The construction of a dam groyena potential tourism center of the coconut estates would be possible to protect the abhijnamahala.
Faiz brksapremi 197 acres of government land abut Mia Cole Bay of Bengal in 1960, with a 99-year lease of the garden. Then it was renamed “Raw Materials and Raw Materials”. The baganatite not only coconut trees. Guava, cashew nuts, lemon, Shore, garjanasaha ausudhi varieties of fruit trees were planted. This is due to the coconut tree is known as the coconut garden