Is it fair ! exchange of enclaves banglaadesh/india .

150221170049_bd_india_enclaves_304x171_bbc_nocreditThe question of human rights organizations, exchange of enclaves

India, a human rights organization, exchange of enclaves would not solve the problem of the stateless people.
The human rights organization active in the border areas of the two countries ‘Masoom’ study, reported in today’s India and Bangladesh – to impose their decisions on chitamahalabasidera.
At the time, the group has released a report – West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee while visiting Dhaka, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says that the upcoming parliamentary session of the India-Bangladesh land boundary agreement is going to be approved.
Masum human rights organizations report their study is not saying that the land exchange, the first letter chitamahalabasidera citizenship and civil services is much more important.
Secretary Masum kiriti Roy words, “the material aspects of the problem, really wanted to see the land. This implies that our objections. ”
M. Roy was also planned that the two countries have been exchanging enclaves of 16, it is residents have no opinion. The state is imposed.
Their study found that the Indian enclaves inside Bangladesh want to be associated with many inhabitants in the Indian mainland.

“Masuma report
16 and 18 to drop out of the top five in the Bangladeshi study blob. Bangladeshi enclaves in India will remain a drop in the survey.
Indian enclave before the retirement of the letter was to gather the opinions of the Bangladeshi study has chitagulite house.
As it happens, two decades protesting to demand exchange of enclaves of India-Bangladesh Enclave Exchange Coordination Committee said that the Bangladeshi enclaves survey twice before Indian citizenship to all residents. The Indian enclaves inside Bangladesh, a little more than seven hundred people who want to come to India – to be included in the rest of the country – said during a coordination committee.
Masum new study published today in the context of coordination, exchange of enclaves radiant and Sengupta committee leader said, “They do not know how the study continued. But I can tell that all was not talking with the enclave. ”
“Secondly, some people in the enclaves phensidila, marijuana and stolen motorcycles run deal. Enclaves after the passage of this act will be turned off vested interests. That is why these surveys are being done that should not be exchanged.”
Vested interests do not want exchange of enclaves – m. These are serious allegations raised Sengupta Secretary Masum was kiriti judgment. “Who realize that raising these questions. However, they stand in front of the mirror before themselves. They say that the land deal was etabachare why, and how to deal with these immoral, who gets the money. ”
Bangladeshi enclaves in India and this new study is not yet complete because Masum said.