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I’s a river of Bangladesh

The industrialized countries are responsible for climate change, the least developed and developing countries to finance the climate fund.
Friday, the Green Climate Fund (jisiepha), the United States, Canada, several countries demand from industrialized countries alliance took 134 of the G-77 and China opposed. Bangladesh has the same tone as a member of the alliance.
On behalf of the G-77 and China, the 37 industrialized countries historically responsible for global climate change. As a result, they are tackling climate change, and the money must be paid for on a regular basis to assist with the development of additional and new.
The meeting of G-77 and China, said a spokesman for the South African najipho miksakato disebo, 009 industrialized nations said the Copenhagen agreement, ২0২0 Year by year they will collect $ 100 billion for the United Nations Climate Fund. Before the money they had promised. If you need the extra money, then it will be least developed and developing countries.
On behalf of the least developed countries and LDC alliance, they are not at all in favor of the climate fund. The industrialized countries for climate change activities that they have been damaged, it must pay compensation deal.
The Paris of the Bangladesh Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad conciliator first light, “Bangladesh is already working to combat climate change using their own resources. In the last four years, we have spent $ 400 million to combat climate change. But with climate change, adaptation to the needs of our donations, which will be developed to economics. “