COP IS 0………….!!

Climate talks in Paris Memorandum of Understanding
December 1, 015

Paris climate talks, said the consensus of the content.After nearly two weeks of difficult negotiations, the COP 1 conference came at the news.The draft agreement will be presented at the meeting of the ministers is expected. However, on Friday, a day before it was supposed to represent.

128195_1However, the draft did not know about the details.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reach an agreement in Paris two hundred countries took part.

At the end of the discussion was the biggest obstacle facing the rich countries to poor countries to adapt to climate change, how it will be distributed to the billions of dollars.

After the agreement that had been negotiated at the end of it is likely to be less likely to break.

French Foreign Minister Laurent phyabiuyasa chairman, said, “I will have to approve the new version of the draft resolution ensures conference. And it is a great step forward for mankind. ”

২0২0 since the Paris conference agreement will be effective. Funds will be collected, the funds will be spent on improving the life of the countries affected by climate change.

In Paris, France on November 30, the UN Climate Conference (COP 21) to start. According to the pre-announced schedule, it was supposed to end on December 11. But Friday was not possible to reach an agreement until it has been decided to continue with the conference on Saturday.

Source: AP