Medicinal plants free service, running..


Remembering the old days of the past, tree nuts  Mohammed Ali, has been met with a lack of real life extreme. The lack of arable land next to his house for the family members of wage dumutho made bread. Sometimes families have Ardhahare people were starving. But he let her have changed due to ausudhi tree. When you take money from someone who is not sick for medicinal plants. No trees for any disease, but how he can help with information on what to eat.

Khandaker Mohammad Ali, 16 years old when he was diagnosed with complex diseases. The lack of proper treatment due to his father’s family, she became increasingly ill. Her family gave up hope of being fit. At one point, the mother tried herbal doctor from a nearby village, was cured with treatment. Since then, his belief in the benefits of trees friend. Medicinal trees, a lot of power. He promised to save their lives, if not medicinal plant garden. He believed, with medicinal plants can be used to benefit the people on the one hand, on the other hand will earn from the sale. From the past, the planning side of the house has a nursery and medicinal plant garden. Now local people are benefiting from the garden of medicinal plants on the one hand, on the other hand medicinal plants and fruit trees are sold in the last 34 years, you’re family. The 76-year-old. That’s why his life after being infected with the disease kaisare trees make it out alive. As a result, the emphasis of the tree.