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On Friday, the landmark Paris climate agreement officially goes into force. The news will surely be buried under a mudslide of U.S. election coverage, but it shouldn’t be. Paris was and still is a BFD. Last December, world leaders reached what’s been called the first truly universal agreement on climate change, because the signers account…

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UNESCO mulls over inscribing Sundarbans as World Heritage in Danger

Staff Correspondent | Update: 00:11, Oct 19, 2016

SundarbanThe World Heritage Centre of the UNESCO is mulling over inscribing the Sundarbans in the list of World Heritage in Danger in the wake of construction of the coal-fired Bangladesh-India Friendship Rampal Power Plant near the World Heritage site.

“The State Party of Bangladesh has been requested to provide a progress report to the World Heritage Centre by 1 December 2016, including a 1-page executive summary on the state of conservation of the property,” said a UNESCO news release on Tuesday.

It said the progress report will be examined by the World Heritage Committee at its 41st session in 2017, “in view of possible inscription on the List of World Heritage in Danger.”

The Sundarbans were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997, and will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year.

The UNESCO news release said the World Heritage Centre and International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) conducted a reactive monitoring mission in March 2016 to assess the conservation of this iconic area. The mission was requested by the World Heritage Committee during its 2015 session in Bonn.

Rampal“The mission was tasked with reviewing potential impacts from the construction of the Rampal power plant, assessing risks from climate change, and evaluating the overall management system of the Sundarbans, including provisions around shipping safety. The mission visited the site of the proposed Rampal power plant, as well as the locations of a 2015 cargo vessel accident and 2016 oil spill.”

This week, the World Heritage Centre and IUCN released a report on the mission. The report concludes that the proposed Rampal power plant, a 1320 megawatt super thermal power plant poses a serious threat to the site, said the news release.

The mission team identified four key concerns related to the plant’s construction: pollution from coal ash by air, pollution from wastewater and waste ash, increased shipping and dredging, and the cumulative impact of industrial and related development infrastructure, it added.

The mission recommends that the Rampal power plant project be cancelled and relocated to a more suitable location.

The report also concluded that the freshwater flow into the Sundarbans has been drastically reduced, resulting in substantial increases in siltation and salinity that are threatening the overall balance of the ecosystem. It further found that the site lacks a clear and comprehensive assessment of the combined effects from increasing coastal development.

The report recommends immediate action to secure adequate freshwater flow to the site, and calls for a new integrated management plan taking into account the carrying capacity of this fragile ecosystem that can secure a sustainable balance between socio-economic development and conservation.

COP IS 0………….!!

Climate talks in Paris Memorandum of Understanding
December 1, 015

Paris climate talks, said the consensus of the content.After nearly two weeks of difficult negotiations, the COP 1 conference came at the news.The draft agreement will be presented at the meeting of the ministers is expected. However, on Friday, a day before it was supposed to represent.

128195_1However, the draft did not know about the details.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reach an agreement in Paris two hundred countries took part.

At the end of the discussion was the biggest obstacle facing the rich countries to poor countries to adapt to climate change, how it will be distributed to the billions of dollars.

After the agreement that had been negotiated at the end of it is likely to be less likely to break.

French Foreign Minister Laurent phyabiuyasa chairman, said, “I will have to approve the new version of the draft resolution ensures conference. And it is a great step forward for mankind. ”

২0২0 since the Paris conference agreement will be effective. Funds will be collected, the funds will be spent on improving the life of the countries affected by climate change.

In Paris, France on November 30, the UN Climate Conference (COP 21) to start. According to the pre-announced schedule, it was supposed to end on December 11. But Friday was not possible to reach an agreement until it has been decided to continue with the conference on Saturday.

Source: AP

A joke of Paris cop21


I’s a river of Bangladesh

The industrialized countries are responsible for climate change, the least developed and developing countries to finance the climate fund.
Friday, the Green Climate Fund (jisiepha), the United States, Canada, several countries demand from industrialized countries alliance took 134 of the G-77 and China opposed. Bangladesh has the same tone as a member of the alliance.
On behalf of the G-77 and China, the 37 industrialized countries historically responsible for global climate change. As a result, they are tackling climate change, and the money must be paid for on a regular basis to assist with the development of additional and new.
The meeting of G-77 and China, said a spokesman for the South African najipho miksakato disebo, 009 industrialized nations said the Copenhagen agreement, ২0২0 Year by year they will collect $ 100 billion for the United Nations Climate Fund. Before the money they had promised. If you need the extra money, then it will be least developed and developing countries.
On behalf of the least developed countries and LDC alliance, they are not at all in favor of the climate fund. The industrialized countries for climate change activities that they have been damaged, it must pay compensation deal.
The Paris of the Bangladesh Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad conciliator first light, “Bangladesh is already working to combat climate change using their own resources. In the last four years, we have spent $ 400 million to combat climate change. But with climate change, adaptation to the needs of our donations, which will be developed to economics. “

Coconut garden faceing problems

kuakata-beach-680x365Waves of the sea by the beauty of the coconut garden Kuakata crisis. Government silent. This is Bangladesh, Bangladesh ….
Baluksaye the acute crisis facing the big waves, the beauty of Kuakata bardhanakari coconut garden. Komenera storm tide along the moon-purnimara jote rise gradually by the waves of the sea, the coconut is dissolved in the stomach baganaagami in two or three years of its existence could not be found. The construction of a dam groyena potential tourism center of the coconut estates would be possible to protect the abhijnamahala.
Faiz brksapremi 197 acres of government land abut Mia Cole Bay of Bengal in 1960, with a 99-year lease of the garden. Then it was renamed “Raw Materials and Raw Materials”. The baganatite not only coconut trees. Guava, cashew nuts, lemon, Shore, garjanasaha ausudhi varieties of fruit trees were planted. This is due to the coconut tree is known as the coconut garden

Is it fair ! exchange of enclaves banglaadesh/india .

150221170049_bd_india_enclaves_304x171_bbc_nocreditThe question of human rights organizations, exchange of enclaves

India, a human rights organization, exchange of enclaves would not solve the problem of the stateless people.
The human rights organization active in the border areas of the two countries ‘Masoom’ study, reported in today’s India and Bangladesh – to impose their decisions on chitamahalabasidera.
At the time, the group has released a report – West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee while visiting Dhaka, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says that the upcoming parliamentary session of the India-Bangladesh land boundary agreement is going to be approved.
Masum human rights organizations report their study is not saying that the land exchange, the first letter chitamahalabasidera citizenship and civil services is much more important.
Secretary Masum kiriti Roy words, “the material aspects of the problem, really wanted to see the land. This implies that our objections. ”
M. Roy was also planned that the two countries have been exchanging enclaves of 16, it is residents have no opinion. The state is imposed.
Their study found that the Indian enclaves inside Bangladesh want to be associated with many inhabitants in the Indian mainland.

“Masuma report
16 and 18 to drop out of the top five in the Bangladeshi study blob. Bangladeshi enclaves in India will remain a drop in the survey.
Indian enclave before the retirement of the letter was to gather the opinions of the Bangladeshi study has chitagulite house.
As it happens, two decades protesting to demand exchange of enclaves of India-Bangladesh Enclave Exchange Coordination Committee said that the Bangladeshi enclaves survey twice before Indian citizenship to all residents. The Indian enclaves inside Bangladesh, a little more than seven hundred people who want to come to India – to be included in the rest of the country – said during a coordination committee.
Masum new study published today in the context of coordination, exchange of enclaves radiant and Sengupta committee leader said, “They do not know how the study continued. But I can tell that all was not talking with the enclave. ”
“Secondly, some people in the enclaves phensidila, marijuana and stolen motorcycles run deal. Enclaves after the passage of this act will be turned off vested interests. That is why these surveys are being done that should not be exchanged.”
Vested interests do not want exchange of enclaves – m. These are serious allegations raised Sengupta Secretary Masum was kiriti judgment. “Who realize that raising these questions. However, they stand in front of the mirror before themselves. They say that the land deal was etabachare why, and how to deal with these immoral, who gets the money. ”
Bangladeshi enclaves in India and this new study is not yet complete because Masum said.

A great agreement of Bangladesh,also india

July 31,ダウンロード exchange of enclaves: the long-awaited end of the 50000 peoplelalmonirhat chitmhoul pic
After a long wait the end of the land boundary between Bangladesh and India was the deal with India to midnight on July 31, exchange of enclaves begins. Monday evening the two countries, the ministry said in the letter.
India’s prime minister Narendra Modi to visit Dhaka in anticipation of the ratification of this information was the time of handing over the two days.
The Indian abhyamantara of 111 Indian enclaves inside Bangladesh and 51 Bangladeshi ardhalaksa at least open the way of salvation.
The 1974 agreement, 011 karyakare protocol for the exchange of letters between the Secretary of State was sent to the Indian High Commission in Dhaka. The letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The letter was midnight, July 31, exchange of enclaves cut off before the start of the final process of joint inspection officials in those two countries will be on the ground.
Due to the need to amend the constitution to exchange land for decades, this issue remained unsettled. The bill passed in the Rajya Sabha of India last May and is badhianasabhaya.
The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi visited Bangladesh on Saturday. Modi’s visit to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Foreign Secretaries of the two countries before the summit document exchange.
There are 111 Indian enclaves inside Bangladesh, 37,000 people live in it. 51 Bangladeshi enclaves inside India’s 14,000. This information is available in 011 of the joint venture in the census.
A total of 51 Bangladeshi enclaves inside India in the area of ​​7.110 acres; The 111 Indian enclaves inside Bangladesh 17.160 acres in size.
Once the agreement of the 51 enclaves (7,110 acres) will be part of India. 111 Indian enclaves (17,160 acres) will be part of.
Of these, 59 districts of Rangpur, Rangpur district 36, district 1 in Kurigram, Rangpur district has 4 Indian enclaves. Under the agreement, the enclave will be able to choose according to their nationality.
More than 10,000 acres of land in exchange for India would, therefore any compensation would not be mentioned in the Protocols.
Under the Protocol of adversely possessed land will be the end of the conflict. The 2777 acres of adversely possessed land to be able to India. The 2267 acres of land, the ownership will be established.