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The base plate is placed at the center of power Rampal kustiyaya
Kushtia bheramaraya widely discussed in Bagerhat electricity Rampal Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the foundation stone tablets .
The 500 MW of electricity import from India during the tour Kushtia bheramaraya for the electricity generated at a power sub- station in the center of the plate with the Prime Minister to inaugurate Rampal said .
The Bheramara 500 MW upakendre and ‘ alliance tharamala Super Power Project , a foundation stone in the center of the blade inauguration of electricity Rampal has done all the preparation .
Ramapalabidyuta the center of the plate with power bheramaraya upakendrera want to know about the inauguration of the Awami League joint – General Secretary mahabuba – banglanews ul- Alam Hanif said , it is the Ministry . However, one of the intelligence agencies of electricity Rampal has confirmed the establishment of the foundation stone tablets .
However , bheramaraya 36 MW combined bicycle India – Bangladesh power transmission lines based on the prastarera at the ceremony by video conference with the Prime Minister of India, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be added .
At the same time the Prime Minister to inaugurate Rampal bidyueta phalakerao the center .
PDP ( design 3) Director of the banglanews nurujjamana have confirmed . Saiful Hasan Chowdhury paridaphatarera director of public relations of the PDP was confirmed .
He said , ” Our goal with the Prime Minister of India, Rampal bidyueta be the center of the foundation . But as busy as the Prime Minister of India, the day may not be available as soon as the project is so Bheramara bidyueta will be unveiled at the plate . ‘
Sapharasuci by helicopter during the quarter at 11 Bheramara Kushtia where the electricity sub- center . After 3 at the Kushtia district Awami League held a meeting at the Government College speech would . The Prime Minister has taken strict security measures kustiyajure Arrivals occasion


One example of the ruthless nature of the contempt power project Rampal

cropped-1328252870_310426720_1-sundarban-tour-by-luxary-mini-launch-santoshpur.jpgOne example of the ruthless nature of the contempt power project Rampal
The world’s largest mangrove Sundarbans National Park and UNESCO declared World Heritage said the best defense .
The boundaries of this reserve is kramasankucita banatira at 0 to 5 people in the death happened . However, locals claim , the number may be much higher .
Stories of death due to a lack of damage to the Sundarbans had to refrain from such activities . But now a new threat is serious for Sundarban . The Sundarbans Environment consternation in the future .
This is a new threat , post 1 of 3 0 MW coal power plant project Rampal . It is just 14 km away from the city Rampal will be built .
India’s state-owned National Thermal Power Corporation, a joint venture with the implementation of this project is planned . The claim , the prakalpatii the only way to meet the needs of the dear in the same area . The area is the one of the poorest elakagulorao .
But opponents claim , the Sundarbans is very environmentally sensitive area of a project to establish a coal power plant , it will bring disaster . The area of ​​the river – trough , canal – water bill and the plants will suffer . It may come down to which disaster pranabaicitryeo . Dolphins living in the river from the threat of extinction is the legendary Royal Bengal Tiger .Moreover, the Sundarbans, the storm – flooding – tidal works as a natural protection walls . Bangladesh in the world map as it is a low-lying area of land and banyaprabana . The Sundarbans is an extraordinary natural disaster destroyed the wall of defense of human life – is living a more serious threat .
Defense committee member of the newly formed Sundarbans roaring wave Wireless engineer said , ” The people have made a conscious realization of such a project can not seem to finish . ‘

However , in order to strengthen their claim birodhira in 1979 in a plant in Texas to create the same kind of environment that came crashing down when it appeared as an example . U.S. authorities claim that the construction of a plant in Texas , it is very much on the area of agriculture will not have a harmful effect . But the claim was later proven false .

In one study of 010 scientists from the report was that 30 thousand tons per year from the plant thick layer of sulfur dioxide are disrupting agricultural production in the whole state of Texas . In contrast, the proposed power plant in Rampal at least 5 thousand tons per year of sulfur dioxide will be thick layer .

Rampal power plant emissions from large amounts of toxic chemicals released to the public in January mulyayanapatreo are accepted . But rather to show the area as environmentally sensitive in general , residential and rural areas’ are shown . The magnitude of the risk of having a thick layer of toxic chemicals in the environment and forests ministry after the project has received clearance .

Critics claim that this decision was the lack of transparency surrounding the project , some basic questions and answers were given . The final result of the project in terms of generating electricity from the benefit and how to reduce waste and pollution levels will be processed to purify water ?

As well as the implementation of a project ‘s paribesagatabhabe serious harm neighboring countries of India, a large part of the funding issue is the widespread suspicion and anger . India ‘s power shortage in the country because there metatei himasima . Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh in India , two of the same kind have been forced to give up in the face of legal restrictions and ganapratirodhera .

Ritu University economist mosahida Sultana said , ‘ It’s hypocrisy . The legal obstacles because they are forced to give up the project . But in other countries , they are in violation of the law . ‘

The first director of the project, and is currently an Advisor Rampaul Azizur Rahman for political reasons in violation of the law, the complaint was denied . He said , generating electricity from oil and gas prices much higher .

Coal produced from the trust to bidyutai . ‘ I do not have any pressure outside . The Government of India in their own right – we are working according to the direction of our own – is follow the instructions . ‘

After seeing a specialist group of the project allows . Of detailed information – databases are open for everyone . Anyone who wants to say it will be delivered at the ajiujara .

He said , ‘ We must be able to control the pollution . In this case we are all set for the following calaba manadandai . ‘

However , the preservation of the environment , the role of the back of the qualms expressed . Due to the uncontrolled management of water stored in the ship threatened . Gathering wood , shrimp enclosure construction and other manabasrsta banancalagulo disaster the country has been constantly shrinking . The Soil Resource Development Institute dhakabhittika ‘s one of the images that came from . They found that , over the last decade almost 50 thousand hectares of forest have been destroyed .

Meanwhile , the government is already in the Sundarban river constituting the border has allowed the creation of a jahajabhanga industry , which is the destruction of the forest area is expected to take a more active role . In addition, toxic substances from industrial emissions of the ship to break the local community life – serious harmful effects on the livelihoods of examples Environment circumspection .

Abdullah Abu filed in the name of protecting the Sundarbans, one of the workers at the lammarcera said , ‘ People are still not aware of the important role of the Reserve banatira . It acts as a natural disaster, a wall of defense and a developing country like Bangladesh sorts of environmental resources and associated still do not understand it . ‘

He said , ‘ That’s a real sense that the only forest is a forest . Now even if we lose our next few generations, the environment will not have any toyakkai . It can be seen that , in choya , and bhalobasa feel that we care about are just that . And it is our nature . ‘

Count Down…Destroyer The World Heritage

smokeRamapale bidyuekandra create the final preparation : the destruction of the Sundarbans will be received…
Destroyer of the Sundarbans, go ahead and self- government is to create bidyuekandra Rampal . Serious threat to the natural environment and biodiversity as well as for the creation of a jointly bidyuekandrati the bilateral agreement signed between India and Bangladesh . Environmentalists and experts protested and objected to the government in October bidyuekandrera all in the inauguration of construction has been completed . Environmentalists
That , and the large area in the Sundarbans bidyuekandra jibabaicitrye will create a severe reaction . The environment in the face of objections adhidaphatara and environmentalists who are trying to take the country to become bidyuekandra failure . The government of India to take advantage of the principle of bharatamukhi knelt Destroyer bidyuekandra ramapale at the .1 efforts to create a 3 MW capacity at 0 bidyuekandra to create a bilateral agreement with India after the work is to fill the earth . Oil – Gas – Mineral Resources and Power – Ports of Bangladesh and India jointly organized a national kamitisaha of the movement is demanding the cancellation of the project .
According to sources , without any kind of feasibility study of the Sundarbans in Bagerhat ramapale 1 of 3 0 MW of generation bidyuekandra kayalabhittika productivity has to deal with . Imported coal , depending on the bidyuekandra environmentalists and experts objected to the coming generation from the beginning . India and Bangladesh to jointly build bidyuekandra the coal to be brought from any country , the amount of the damage to the environment and how much the price of electricity will be produced – it is still not final .
A few months ago, Bangladesh – The agreement was signed at the . Agreement signed by representatives of the Government of India , Government of India is valued at the purchase price of electricity produced bidyuekandre . The Central Government, State Government of Bangladesh will have to pay the same price as the price of electricity supplies . State government has set the price lower than the price that would be contrary to the law of the Regulatory Commission . Positive, would not violate any of the laws of the Government of India said .
Sundarban is the meaning kayalabhittika bidyuekandra to create a natural environment in the forest are in ruins . Environmentalists said the government decided on suicide . Advocate Sultana Kamal , executive director of the law and the arbitration center , the center said bisbasahitya . Abu Abdullah talked , Shahjalal University of Science and Technology said . Muhammad Zafar Iqbal , Executive Director of Campaign and former advisor to the caretaker government Rasheda K Chowdhury , Executive Director of FDI . Destroyer of the Sundarban ইফতেখারুজ্জামানসহ ramapale bidyuekandra a statement calling for the cancellation of an initiative to create . The statement said the Sundarban Sundarban bidyuekandra kayalabhittika the natural environment will be lost . Sundarban is the natural balance will be lost .
Kayalabhittika the country ‘s largest electricity generating station at the beginning of last year, the country’s former adviser Rasheda K Chowdhury , Executive Director of FDI . Destroyer of the Sundarban ইফতেখারুজ্জামানসহ ramapale bidyuekandra a statement calling for the cancellation of an initiative to create . The statement said the Sundarban Sundarban bidyuekandra kayalabhittika the natural environment will be lost . Sundarban is the natural balance will be lost .
The country ‘s largest power generating kayalabhittika emaoiu signed between the two countries are at the beginning of last year . 30 August the same year, the government signed a memorandum of understanding with enatipisira . Enatipisi the PDP at the center of the joint venture between Mongla sea port for the 1 in 834 acres of land acquisition process has been started . Rampal bidyuekandrati work with imported coal . Coal will be imported from any country , but it is still not known .
In response to a question at the end of the signing ceremony , Chairman of the PDP , the national grid supplies electricity to 015 in the center of hope . Indonesia , South Africa , Australia and China may be importing coal from . The country’s coal use has not yet been decided , he said . Prior to the signing of the agreement of May 3 Rampal coal bidyuekandrera 011 adhidaphatara the license allows for the position .
The researchers say , the Sundarbans is so proud of this bidyuekandra is established, the future of our world heritage Sundarbans is very damaging . Environmental Impact Assessment of Environmental Effects mulyayanakari research report mentioned that , in a variety of heavy equipment and tools for the creation of bidyuekandra projects in the area at the time of the ship revealed uccamargera Volume up ‘s , alokacchata waste control systems and the wildlife roaming free is not optimal , the Sundarbans surroundings and wildlife will be threatened , especially the Royal Bengal Tiger , deer , crocodiles and dolphins life , even extinction may occur .
The gas pollution due to the unique resources of the Sundarbans naturally grown garana , geoya and caraway plant is said to be extinct . During the construction of additional vessels to navigate and fish drejinyera airways obstruction in time to be able to prevent the breeding of fish and shrimp .
The report also mentioned that one of the 0 to 3 MW capacity from the day after the launch of bidyuekandra 14 tons and 85 tons of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide will be out . The two gas emissions because of the harmful effect of the Sundarban area neighborhood . In 1997, the protection of the environment in the Sundarbans in rural and residential areas have been called .
Professor of Law at the University of Dhaka . Asif Nazrul said , the Government of India and how it Rampal knelt down bidyuekandra project is takalei . He did not allow the creation of bidyuekandra adhidaphatara in the environment . But our government has been committed to creating bidyuekandra at Sundarban cease to exist . This is the decision of suicide . Everyone wants to get electricity from the government in the implementation of the project is going to kill kurala legs .
Anu says the professor , the environment , biodiversity and people’s interests are at stake for the protection of the interests of the government efforts to create bidyuekandra . The government is going to organize the looting . Soccara protest against the construction of bidyuekandre be the responsibility of each citizen .

A lost battle of South Asia

M_Id_374779_damA vast and densely populated region of North-east India that depends on water from Brahmaputra and its tributaries is feeling agitated over China’s ambitious efforts to redraw its water map. China’s reported plan to divert the Brahmaputra from its upper reaches is being seen as a direct affront to India and a violation of International norms of sharing river waters. Once the construction of dam is complete, the control on the water of Brahmaputra will be in the hands of China. As the Brahmaputra is the lifeline of North East India, the life and environment in the region will be adversely affected by this development. The term Brahmaputra means “son of brahma” and in the early days of Indus valley civilizations Brahmaputra River is the subject of faith and legends of Bharat.

The Brahmaputra flows for about 1,625- km inside the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and for a further 918-km inside India. This is not the first time that tension is building up between India and China over Brahmaputra projects, which could affect the flow of water into India.

The BJP was quick to react to these reports and demanded that if there is fresh evidence of China’s intentions then India should immediately take up this matter with the Chinese authority. “These reports are of real concern to India. Since the last two years, there are reports that China wants to divert Brahmaputra waters from the Himalayas. If it is diverted, we will have real problems which will affect the economy of the whole region,” BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.The BJP MP had raised the issue in the Rajya Sabha last year.

Besides India, which raised the construction of a 510 MW dam on the Brahmaputra in talks with the Chinese leadership for many times. Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia had expressed similar concerns over eight dams being built on the Mekong river. The blame game, voiced in vulnerable river towns and Asian capitals from Pakistan to Vietnam, is rooted in fear that China’s accelerating programme of damming every major river flowing from the Tibetan plateau will trigger environmental imbalance, natural disasters, degrade fragile ecologies, divert vital water supplies.

A few analysts and environmental advocates even speak of water as a future trigger for war or diplomatic strong-arming, though others strongly doubt it will come to that. Still, the remapping of the water flow in the world’s most heavily populated and thirstiest region is happening on a gigantic scale, with potentially strategic implications. On the eight great Tibetan rivers alone, almost 20 dams have been built or are under construction while some 40 more are planned or proposed.

China is not alone in disrupting the region’s water flows. Others are doing it with even worse consequences. But China’s vast thirst for power and water, its control over the sources of the rivers and its ever-growing political clout make it a singular target of criticism and suspicion. “Whether China intends to use water as a political weapon or not, it is acquiring the capability to turn off the tap if it wants to — a leverage it can use to keep any riparian neighbours on good behaviour,” says Brahma Chellaney, an analyst at New Delhi’s Center for Policy Research and author of the forthcoming book Water: Asia’s New Battlefield.

Tibet’s spiritual leader, Dalai Lama, has also warned of looming dangers stemming from the Tibetan plateau. “It’s something very, very essential. So, since millions of Indians use water coming from the Himalayan glaciers… I think you (India) should express more serious concern. This is nothing to do with politics, just everybody’s interests, including Chinese people,” he said about the talking of Chinese intentions over the redrawing water map.

Although China is saying that it is constructing the dam to produce power but actually some hidden agendas are also associated with it.

The water resources of Brahmaputra will be a strong point to blackmail India. If China blocks the water in Brahmaputra, it will lead to famine in the whole NE region. India needs to take this issue seriously. The attention of international community needs to be attracted. But the problem here is that China does not care for anyone. It is trying an act of international bully. India needs a totally different tactic to tackle China. But can it handle.

Thus, the important concern is that whether the Indian policy makers will wake up before it’s too late. India lose its dignity in past because of sleeping diplomacy of Jawaharlal Nehru. When China started to build the Sinkiang to Ali highway in 1951 than our diplomats showed their concerned about the highway in written on October 18, 1958. In his conversation with Henry Kissinger , the than Chinese premier Zhou Enlai quoted “ even three years after the road was built, Nehru didn’t know about it. In my discussion with Nehru on the Sino–Indian boundary in 1956, he suddenly raised the issue of the road. I said, ‘you didn’t even know we were building a road for the last three years, and now you suddenly say that is your territory, I remarked upon how strange this was” (The National Security Archive). Although if it did not happen in the case of Brahmputra, in the case of highway projects and railway projects, we all know the GoI failed the nation. Indian government always wake up after the happening of policy disaster. Copy from

Coal-based power plants in mangrove

431959_618559938156084_265912358_nSundarban the largest mangrove forest of the world, and one of seven wonder of earth,The covers areas of India and Bangladesh for more than 80 kilometers in forming Sundarbans National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.A third of this area is covered by water and marshes, as well Sundarbans since 1966 has been considered a sanctuary for wildlife because it is estimated that there live about 400 Royal Bengal Tigers and more than 30,000 deer in this area. The forest lies at the feet of the Ganges and is spread across areas of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India, forming the seaward fringe of the delta. The seasonally-flooded Sundarbans freshwater swamp forests lie inland from the mangrove forests. The forest covers 10,000 km2 of which about 6,000 are in Bangladesh. Almost half of the hundreds of rivers and canals to protect the life of Sundarban government has not taken any initiative.. 47 million tons of coal for the projects at Sundarban will be transmitted through the central parts of the world. The bulk carrier ship laitareja Tony Tony million in the year anagona, intense sound, the ship is to be read cuiye oil, coal.
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STOP.just stop the coal-based power plants in mangrove and heritage.
The matching agreement with the thermal power plants in Sundarbans
India is in the interest of the government to ensure the destruction of the Sundarbans. Sundarban 9 kih m distance (calculated according to the official kih 14 m) of the partnership is to create a test project in Rampal. Meanwhile, the coal-based thermal power plant near Sundarbans clearance for the project was adhidaphatara environment. The prosecution of the environment, including the Sundarbans pratibadamukhara become lovers. In addition, those of ordinary people in phumse.
According to sources, the heat from the power plant emissions of harmful substances in the Sundarbans. Still running Rampal torajora power implementation. The department is preparing for next month’s inauguration of sthapanakaja power. The Prime Minister of India. Manmohan sinke invite letter in the Foreign Ministry said.
However, the land required for the project has been 1 of the top 700 acres of the 847 acres acquired. 1 of 3 0 MW capacity power plant at the center of the coal will be needed more than 13 thousand tonnes. However long the source of the coal, it is not guaranteed.
The development of the Sundarbans, held the first victims of the devastating murder of her bamapalera sapamari katakhali, kaigaradasakati, kapasadanga, baserahula maujasaha Rampal family of 4. Without them have been forced bhitamati, have been stripped of their land, rice and cow shed. This 1834 acre jayagajure 1300 tons of rice and 600 metric tons per year of fish production Ñ it was already closed. This is the sort of project in the world is broken. They are now refugees. Some of them are very rough dinamajuri dinanipata saharamukhi keuba in the slums are being forced to choose life.
According to sources, Rampaul has been in the business partner of the project. According to the agreement Bangladesh – India is a joint investment of 30 percent. Bharaterai 70 percent of the bank loan to Bangladesh uccasude. The projects in the Indian capital equipment business, the company said. India at the end of the Business Tax Holiday. The electricity produced will buy the Indian authorities set harei. Only 15 percent of the electricity Rampal investment projects in the Indian adhipatyabada be established. All liability for damage will be borne by the Bangladesh.
Save the Sundarbans, Khulna Division Chief susanta servant of the Government of India said, if you lose a tajamahala also be able to make a tajamahala. Because it’s artificial. However, if the destruction of the Sundarbans The Sundarbans is ever able to do this. Because it is a natural way. So the poor people and people of southern conspiracy to destroy this resource dropped. Otherwise, even with the loss of life of people from the southern Sundarbans to protect.
Note-Sorry.Some words are Bengal language.for famous.I don’t know the English.Sorry for that.And thanks

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54 cross border River
Mangrove Is Coal Plant
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coal -based thermal power project demanding the cancellation of the bond

ab_sundarban-koylavittik-taThe Sundarbans in Bagerhat coal -based thermal power project demanding the cancellation of the bond
Adjacent to the Sundarbans ramapale dhina construction of coal -based thermal power irregularities and practices bahirbhutabhabe kandra Bagerhat yesterday demanding cancellation of the bond program is being observed . Bagerhat Press Club yesterday celebrated at the front of the sub program . This is the stage name of an organization that organizes science manababandhanera . Barisal Medical College of science, theater convenor of the sub manisa Chakraborti spoke to the president of the organization rumana Engineer Imran Habib , Bagerhat district convenor bright Ghosh , gietama debanatha said . Manababandhane However, India is the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh in his own country, the National Power Corporation tharamala enatipisira of the Project through the building permit , and we are going to create bidyuekandra kayalabhittika in the Sundarbans , which way are not eligible to receive . The Sundarban bidyuekandra the heat generated at the new 9 million metric tons of ash will be produced , which will destroy the environment sundarabanasaha this region .
Moreover, the transport of coal to the coal powder through a forest of wind and water, water and Air pollution happens.
The leaders of the seven -point demand of the Sundarbans raksasaha next 4 to 8 September, the Sundarbans, the direction of the oil – gas – Mineral Resources and Power – Ports of call on the Committee to request lammarca successful